Saturday, November 08, 2008

Senior- Junior Partay

Last night, for the 1st time since we came to KT, we had some sort of senior-junior get-together with all our lecturers. To save cost, we had our party at the uni cafeteria, and we catered from KTT. Surprisingly, the amount of food was so much more less than expected. As usual, there's food, performances, games and what else, but camwhoring.

Our very cute Dr. Myo performing a Burmese song with full emotions

We have the 'singers' who have gd voice and love to sing (vic looks like he's lip sync hing!)

and when it's time for games, everyone became pretty haphazard and noisy

2moro is also prof's bday, so we celebrated for her in advance. Actually, i did not know about it until last night itself..haha

Prof happily cutting her bday cake

See...she's the many photographers taking her pic

Big boss of the class enjoys eating the most at a partay :p

my mouth is still full of cake while taking this pic

trying hard to do the 'non-smiling, serious' face which obviously fails

just stick out the tongue easier :)

we take pic at almost every corner

this is the last pic b4 we go home

this is the group many ppl rite

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