Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Batik Cheongsam

As part of my preparation for EAMSC, i recently purchased a cheongsam from Chinatown (Bless Boutique) here in KT. It's actually a fusion of batik with cheongsam so it really has the 'muhibah' feeling. haha.. The aunty i purchased this cheongsam from is very creative. She had been featured in NST, The Star and recently even in the Malaysian Insiders. My cheongsam is 100% hand-made and she also draws her own batik and make them into cheongsam. Each of her design is unique and one and only one, so i can rest assured that no other ppl in this world has the same cheongsam as i have :p. It's cheaper than any cheongsam that i can find in KL definitely. It's my 1st ever cheongsam and i can't wait to wear it during the EAMSC. :D

Front full view

The batik design

Back view

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