Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner

HOHOHO!! In another half and hour it's Christmas! This is the 1st Christmas tree that i actually i saw in KT..haha

It's raining outside, i felt so lazy to step out of the hse but DD said, "Come on, let's go" so in the end (actually we had already plan to go out for a Christmas eve dinner) me and DD went for a nice Christmas eve dinner here in KT at The Verandah, Ri-Yatz Heritage, previously known as the Heritage Bay Club at Pulau Duyung.

When we first got there, the whole restaurant is practically empty for a Christmas eve. There were only a few occupied table on the outside and we were the first to filled the non-smoking section of the restaurant. Actually DD had booked down the whole restaurant for a romantic dinner just for the both of us (that explains why there was no one else) O.o haha..

Me decided that i can't eat that much, so i just ordered a starter and a main course.

For my starter, i had mushroom soup with garlic bread

My main course : grilled seabass with garlic butter rice

DD is a bigger eater than me, so he went ahead with the Christmas Eve set dinner price at RM 75.

Everything fr the appetizer to desert in the set dinner

Welcome drink.. tasted like a concoction of 100 plus and i can't guess the rest..maybe someone else who had tried can tell

Herbal tartlet.. the fillet had cheese in it and it's served cold, so it tasted salty

Cream of egg plant soup with crab meat.. they are really generous with their crab meat

Pan-fried Hazelnut Chicken

This is what i like best!! Dark and white chocolate mousse.. very sweet and delicious and melts just right in the mouth

The whole restaurant is quite beautiful actually with a nice view. The waiters/waitress are very friendly and polite too. And despite only having a few of us, Mr. Santa made his appearance too to entertain us with little lollipops..haha

DD and me

Verdict is : This is one of the nicest restaurant around KT and the staff are very friendly and polite and they know how to value their customers. Their food are about 6-7/10 but with the nice view and ambience, it is worth dining there once in a while.

I'm going to promote this free for them since they were so nice to us. The Verandah, Ri-Yaz Heritage will also be having a New Year Eve 5 course set meal and a countdown party on New Year's Eve. As for tomorrow (Christmas) and New Year's, they have hi-tea at RM 25++ for an adult and RM 12.50++ for children. Cheap right, where to find hi tea priced like this on a public holiday in KL? haha..

Better still, click here to find out more :)

Neway, DD left this on my table just now...

hmm..wonder what is it..But whatever is it, i'm sure i will love them..

Can't wait till Boxing Day to open the present.. can't wait, can't wait..

So, just open 1st-la.. I love prezzies and surprises, don't ya? *wink*

Woots..It's the Nike latest limited edition windbreaker in hot pink! Striking colour, comfortable to wear and water-resistant.. Love it love it love it..

Have a Merry rainy Christmas readers =)

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hey!! the nike limited edition!! i saw a taiwan star wear it in his show!! wow!!

where is my Christmas present??

hahaha..where's mine 1st? :p.. urs one i thrown down your chimney dy..hahaha

haha, i wanted to giv u last night, but when i reach wisma tenang, i notice tht there is no chimney... so i cannot giv lor...

Malay can dress up as santa meh? so funny!

haha..hmm when there's no other choice, i suppose any1 can just dress up.

WOW, nice nike coat! you look like star when you put on that=)

BTW,how much does it costs and where can i get it?

Thank you. =). I think you can get it at any Nike outlet but my bf bought this at 1U, KL. Hmm, im not so sure about the price (it's a present! haha) but i think it should be between RM 200-300. :)