Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Closing the 2008 Chapter

Hahaha, that's such a cute and adorable confession of your love to eggs, isn't that? They have a version in Korean too. And there's more than just eggs. There's ramen, cucumber, carrots and gummy bears song. Check it out if you are bored. hehe..

2008 : pronounced in the 'bengs' and 'lians' way = 'two o o egg', hence the egg video and song. :p

As we come to the last hour of 2008 (another 1 hour b4 we say hello to 2009), I'm sure many ppl are excited as they look forward the next year, hoping the coming year could bring better peace, luck and happiness.

As for me, 2008 had been a very eventful year. Many things had happen, many changes had occurred. It's very exciting and euphoric to know that each year that passed brings so much different kind of memories to us, so much lessons and experiences that comes with it. The strangers that we meet along the way, strangers that eventually become friends with each other and friends that will share your ups and downs together.

To cut all the other long story short, i had several very memorable 'first times' that include :
- 1st time celebrating NY and Christmas with my DD and friends here in KT
- 1st time having to study during these festive season
- 1st time being away from my family during these period too
- 1st time coming to this turtle land called Kuala Terengganu and having to spend the next 2 and the half year here (yea, 1 sem had passed so quickly)
- 1st time staying in an apartment
- 1st time doing some of the clinical procedures
- 1st time changing diapers and bathing for neonates (i don't really have little baby cousins..those that i have, by the time i see them during each CNY, they will be at least infant already)
- 1st time going snorkeling
- 1st time attending AMSC and it was a super fantabulous experience
- 1st time touring Japan
- 1st time seeing a singing toilet
- 1st time ate nuggets that fell out of a vending machine
- 1st time ate sashimis that were fresh from the market
- 1st time drank sake and soju
- 1st time i learn more than ever the definition of tolerance and patience and compromise
- 1st time going overseas with friends other than Singapore
- 1st time going to Bangkok ( i miss shopping there)
- 1st time i saw fireflies
- 1st time a lion dance troupe came to my hse (with dj's samore)
- 1st time knowing that data recovery can cost about RM 3890 (*almost faint*)

and bla bla bla...there are just many more 1st times i suppose, good or bad, i had it all.

But all in all, i treasure every single piece of memory, and as the years that had passed, i always kept all these memories close to my heart.

And yes, DD we are happily dating for (fill in the blank :p) ..hehehe..

I really hope year 2009 will be a better year, a happier and joyous one for me and for my family and for everyone else. I also hope that the global recession will not hit us so badly, and that Malaysia will still remain peaceful and harmonious. :)

Happy and Blessed 2009, mum, dad, sis, bro, my friends and all my readers!

Hopefully, we don't start the year with another sex scandal :)

PS : I remembered it was raining on Christmas eve too. It is raining now as well.

PSS : I wonder if they even have fireworks, best still one that i can see from my room later.

PSSS: I only studied one page of OHCM for the whole, freaking entire day. Should i study too as the clock struck 12 later so that hopefully for the rest of next year, i will pick up this more studious attitude?

PSSSS : Thank you all for the festive wishes. It's what makes the festive season more meaningful, knowing friends still care and remembered each other. It warms me a lot just reading all your kind wishes. Love.

PSSSSS : Sarah had a new blog..haha..i know, nobody actually knew bout it. :p

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u get many first times in 2008 ! but i think the most success first time is u with DD...sure very sweet!! am i right? and today i see ur photo clearly at left top, i find at this angle u look like "zheng xue er" , an actor of meteor garden 2 !! hopefully u know who is she !! I am quite familar with KK !! u can ask any place that u want to play or how much also can !!

haha..yes, i noe who she is.. yea, i got quite a few ques to ask act..hehe..

yes my dear.. a new blog which i seldom update :p btw, the pic looks great. everyone seems happy despite the lousy food. haha..

Nice info ;) Thanks for your time… ;)