Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Food Hunt in KL

No holiday will be complete without good food. So, this time down to KL, we went to have some good food too. There are so much food that i missed in Kl, from the cheap mamak and hawker food to the expensive ones in restaurants.

On the 1st day, we had Italiannies at 1U. They are currently having a Bowls of Pasta promotion. We can choose 4 different types of pasta from 10 choices for only RM 29.90. Given the huge portion that is sufficient for 2 and generous amount of cheese, i think the set is pretty much worth to try.

Their bread with virgin olive oil and vinegar

Our choice of pasta. Clockwise fr top : chicken lasagna, classic carbonara, salmon and lemon aioli and shrimp linguine

I had always wanted to try the Swedish meat balls at Ikea but never had the chance, thus we went for the meatballs for dinner that day.

We have to push our own food trolley and picked up the dish that you want as you go along the counter.

Our dinner : Swedish meat balls. The meat balls are normal ping-pong ball size and they come with lingonberries, cream sauce and fries

Our desert : the Daim cake cover with chopped pieces of Daim chocolates

We also decided to try out Pasta Zanmai at Mid Val which is located at where Piccolo Mondo used to be. Pasta Zanmai is a fusion of Japanese food with pasta. The outcome is it gives you a super full stomach and it tasted good. Very nice. We found a seat beside the mirror, so guess what? Camwhore a bit b4 meal..haha

The set meal comes with salad and miso soup. The salad has crab stick meat and sesame oil.

My soft shell crab in sesame sauce set.. Those black stuff are sesame seeds

DD had his unagi yana set with unagi, egg and roe

At Pasta Zanmai, the most tempting item is actually their deserts i think. All the deserts in the desert menu looks so tempting and delicious. We couldn't decide what to choose from, so in the end we had Sansu Mori, which is actually a combination of chocolate ice cream with waffle, azuki macha ice cream (oh yes, think of Japan) and black sesame ice cream.

A pic at the end of the meal..i had so much of sesame after meal that i thought i wont wna anything to do with sesame for a while now..haha

On Sunday, we wake up early for a holiday just to go to Klang for the famous Klang bak kut teh. Actually, we don't know which is the most famous shop, there are a few that i heard of but i think they are all almost similar. We met up with Kumar and he brought us to this shop called Teluk Pulai (Pottery) which was packed with ppl and we have to wait for tables but they have very quick service so in a jiffy, we were seated and our bak kut tehs are served.

All the bak kut tehs lovers crowding the shop

The bak kut teh also have fishballs in them. Their soup is thick enough and well, at least waking up early to good food is worth it

The vegetarian pot with tau-pok and golden needle mushrooms

We also went to a cafe in Cheras, which is actually the same row as the Cowboy steakhouse called Rendezvous smt to have cheese fondue. Their cheese is added with cream sauce and we can dip our fish/chickens or whatever depending on what you ordered into it. Seriously, it's only RM 15 and i really like the taste of it.

The hot pot of cheese

These fish pieces, fries, tomato, brocolli and carrots to be dip in the cheese

After all the food in Kl, i think it's time to go back to oat-diet in KT.. haha.. :D

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