Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home Made Dark Mocha Chocolate Glutinous Rice Balls/ Tang Yuan

It's been a long and boring day with my books today. I spent the entire afternoon just trying to finish 2 small paragraphs. It's still a long way.

Anyway, on a more excited note, it's also Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice festival) today. It's part of the Chinese culture to eat 'tang yuan' or also known as glutinous rice balls on this day, as a symbol of growing a year older and to welcome the winter season. (although it does not snow here in Malaysia, but yea, Dong Zhi is also called Winter Solstice)

Usually, mum will be the one making the tang yuan at home, and i'll be the one assisting in the final rolling of the dough into small balls before throwing them into the sweet broth. But, since i'm away fr home this year (come to think of it, i was never away fr JB at this time of the year for the past ** years!), it's time for us to do-it-ourselves here in turtle land.

Actually, it's my idea because i got this craving to eat those small glutinous rice balls and each time i think of it, i miss home more and it's making me very much homesick recently, so we got up early and start making and cooking the tang yuan and by lunch time, 2 pots of hot, boiling, cute glutinous rice balls in sweet broth was staring at us ready for consumption. We gathered some friends also fr WT to come eat because it felt like one big family eating together. :D..

It's actually very simple making tang yuan. All you have to do is prepare the soup and prepare the dough b4 pinching them off and rolling them into small balls and finally dropping the balls into the soup, wait for it to boil and after about 5-10 minutes, the balls will start to float and it's all ready for consumption. :) On top of that, we decided to not make only plain, old tang yuan but the ones with stuffing. After raiding through my refrigerator, we finally came to conclusion that the best and most-innovative stuffing for my tang yuan is mocha-chocolate!

So, my mocha-chocolate tang yuan was born today.. hahaha *grin* (don't play play, i own the copyright to this tang yuan :p). Next time, i will put cheese in them perhaps. haha..

I also wna thank DD for helping me with it. I shd had took his pic of how he cutely tried to steal the chocolates and put it into his mouth instead of stuffing it into the rice balls. Look like a mouse stealing cheese or maybe chipmunks stealing nuts or it actually reminds me of my brother too! haha.. i'm so homesick~

The ingredient to prepare the sweet soup.. some pandan leaves, gingers, brown sugar and of course water

Glutinous rice flour for the dough and the balls

Dark mocha chocolate cut into bits

This is the 1st batch of the glutinous rice balls, the pink colour could not blend in totally thus, the double tone

As fusion is the 'in' thing these days, lets fuse the Chinese culture with the Western celebration too.. how about a snowman tang yuan? If you take a closer look, you will also noticed that my snowman is purpuric all over; an ITP snowman :p (btw this is my latest hairstyle for the season.. teehee)

The original-coloured tang yuan boiling and all ready to be eaten

These are the pink ones, also ready to be excited waiting to take my 1st bite into them

Look, the dark mocha chocolate stuffing! Love it.. However, after many many bowls, i kinda got sick of mocha chocolate already =S

Hey, that's my ITP snowman

Only now, the purpuric rash had decreased and it looks like an edematous snowman instead :p
(haha.. say it's funny ok, entertain me a bit, i'm almost dying of studying, not to say i'm studying super lots but even 2 paragraphs consumes a huge portion of my concentration right now)

Certainly had good fun making my own and eating these yummy chocolate filled glutinous rice balls this year. Although still missing mummy's ones a lot but guess these chocolate ones shall made up to those intense feeling of homesick for the time being.

Last but not least, Happy Winter Solstice festival readers =)

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hiyao, first wanna wish you "Dong Zhi kuai Le". Secondly why white tung yuans are more than the soup,my mother's tung yuan normally cover up by the soup -.-LOL. Anyway, it looks delicious to have chocolate as filling.

Oh my..Allison, I want some!! Haha..

hahaha.. it's indeed not bad to have chocolate filling unless you are not a chocolate lover. Come to KT, i will treat u some :p

WHY YOUR TUNG YUAN NOT ROUNDED ENUFF? Let you share a secret here>> make satay style of tung yuan next year lol!

haha..hand made and not machine made, so not perfectly round :p