Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home-cooked Steamboat

It's so fast that another year is coming to an end. This had certainly been a pretty eventful year for me and for the country too. I had spent the first half of the year was in KL, then saying goodbye to the life in KL, moving to turtle land, adapting to changes here (certainly big changes for me because i'm quite a city girl), and putting up with the various life trials and challenges that had came my way throughout this whole year. It is nearly the end of my 3rd posting, and the clinical experiences that i had gained had certainly been fruitful. There's still a lot for me to improve on definitely and i only kinda regret my laziness, if not, i'm sure i will benefit even more.

As i'm already here for almost half a year (yea, how time really flew), i'm beginning to adapt to the lifestyle here. It's not a very terrible place to live in, at least i'm only a 10 minutes walk to the beach and i can find cheap food here. It's also very conducive for studying (although it does not make that much difference for me, there's still the internet and downloaded dramas and movies ;p) and it's relatively much safer here. At least, we don't have to worry about walking down the street and being rob or snatch thief happening every single time. That does not mean a laxity in carefulness, just we don't have to fear that much.

There's not much nice restaurants here in KT, almost all the nice ones i had tried except the hotels ones but then, from most of my experiences, hotels food are just ok, but expensive because of the ambience and standard. I miss those days when we all used to hang out 2gede-gede for movies, finding new places for good food, shopping, karaoke.. that kinda stuff. The most recent one thing that really irks me here are the moulds that can grow anywhere on my study table, book shelves and even on my belts, bags and shoes. Of course, the moulds are not here all year round, just during the monsoon period, but it's very tiring being mould busters and if you don't clean them up, they are detrimental to not only our health but our beloved belongings!

Last Friday, the very wonderful ppl of CG also organized a steamboat dinner at their place and there were so much food that i believed everyone stuffed themselves silly and even great eaters like DD can't filled his stomach with anymore food.

No steamboat pot here in KT, so modification of rice cookers turn steamboat pot.. the 2 type of soups we have, tom yam and clear soup

ta-da...all the food that goes with steamboat..seriously there's no steamboat shop here in KT. So, any business-minded fellas out there, come open 1 steamboat shop here in KT soon, ok?

And i don't kow that they are celebrating birthdays too!! haha

Pic 1st b4 we start to 'makan'

look..everybody busy makan makan.. haha

* makan = eat *

2 more days and it's the holidays!! BUT, why is it our study break? And a much needed one too! I guessed that's one of the sacrifices you have to made as a medical student. :(

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