Thursday, December 04, 2008

Monsoon Cup 2008

The Monsoon Cup 2008 officially kicks off at Pulau Duyong, Kuala Terengganu yesterday. This is one of the few events in KT that excites us, this prestigious international sailing event is right here in KT and we don't have to travel hours or days to get here, Pulau Duyong is only an approxomately 20 minute drive from the place i live. *yeah*

After class yesterday, me and DD decided to dropped by and take a look at this stage 9 of the World Match Tour that also have live telecast on ESPN. After all, with all the advertising that i heard about this event, it seems really like a very prestigious and glamourizes event with international sailors coming from all around the world and for all you know, you will get some cute eye candies with a nice body and perfect tan! haha..

As we drove into Ri Yatz Heritage, we saw many polices around on horses (don't that feels like the English style police?haha) and there were quite a lot of ppl packed around the club to catch a glimpse of the race that had started about ten minutes or so. However, the crowd is not to say a very very huge crowd either, we could even get right up till the VIP stand, where the opening ceremony had took place earlier to get a clear and beautiful view of the race that is going on. Honestly, i don't quite understand the rules of sailing, i just know that they were having match racing and the 2 boats compete with each other to determine a winner and a loser.

The VIP stand.. the opening ceremony by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong took place earlier while we were having classes

Me and DD @ Monsoon Cup

the colourful sailing yachts behind me

a close up view of the sailing yachts preparing for match racing

their prize trophy!!

Besides the race, they have some other side booths around the club that promotes different products and also one that sells yachts and speedboats. Guess how much is this speedboat?

USD..........125,000!!! It never crossed my mind a speedboat like this is this expensive.. i had seen speedboats like this in real life or in movies and it always look so cool to be standing on one, but USD 125 K for one? I'm gonna go on dreaming about it. haha. :p

Well, the Monsoon Cup is not to say all that extremely exciting and i don't get to see many very cute eye candies around, but it's a boost to Terengganu tourism and it gives us folks here a little bit of entertainment from our usual quiet, routine life. :)

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