Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shopping Trip to KL

As we had 2 days off for Hari Raya Haji, and our lecture on Sunday had been brought forward/delayed, it means that we had 5 days off this weekend. Hurray. So, some of us choosed to returned to our hometowns and a few of us decided to go to KL for shopping! And yes, as you can guessed, yours truly did not choosed to stay back here in KT facing the rainy, chill weather but instead went for a short break in KL. And as the nation wide sales had already begun, i can't resist going shopping other than enjoying the food, Christmas atmosphere, and movies :p.

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in KL, going to almost all the malls, and the most disappointing part was the sales wasn't very crazy yet. (MNG 50% sales had not started!!) In fact, the sales seem to only just begun, but as i think most ppl had a long weekend off this week too, most of the malls were crowded with ppl. I think Christmas is the time of the year where everybody always gets excited about, it's a worldwide celebration. Regardless of whether you're a Christian or non-Christian, this season always gets everyone excited and feeling all fuzzy and happy with all the Xmas songs and the presents buying and the carolling and the Santa Claus and everything else that is associated with it.

Mum smsed me almost everyday reminding me to watched out for news regarding the flood in KT or on the way to KT as it was reported in newspaper that floods had happened in various part of Terengganu everyday. So, fortunately when we drove home last night, there was no flood of any sort, but it was a foggy night. Most part of the road was foggy and we had to go slow to watched out for any crossing animals or cars. And the variety of animals we saw on the way, dead or alive ; cows, cats, dogs and even bats. DD said he saw a wild boar too while i dozed off.

On our 1st day in KL, we went to 1U. Seriously, the Christmas decos this yr was not very nice compare to previous years. 1U theme was Alice Wonderland i supposed because we can see the soldier with cards and poker cards everywhere.

Is that a King i'm holding?

After 1U, we moved on to The Curve which was nearby. I think the best Christmas deco this year goes to the Curve.

DD and me at the Curve

Trying to give mr. Bear a bear hug

The next day, we went to Mid Val. We watched 2 movies there, Madagascar 2 and Body of Lies. I think the deco at Mid Val was not very nice this year. I remembered the 1st yr we were in KL and there were all this cute candy houses as their deco, but this yr, they had 1 big face that looks like some Hindu festival deco instead.

Nonetheless, DD and me still decided to take a pic at the end of the day

But, i love their Christmas trees

The Gardens had huge bird cages as their deco..hmmm

Well, after 2 days of shopping, yours truly the shopaholic still wants more shopping as she don't think she will be doing any more shopping until CNY. So, we went to Sunway Pyramid. MNG sales still had not start but Forever 21 had started their sales! Seriously, after the opening of the new wing in Sunway Pyramid, i think it's quite a nice place to shopped too. All the shops, all the sales, makes you wna buy all.

They also had take-a-pic-with-Santa session and so happen that me and DD were already in the line when the session started so along with all the kids, we also grabbed a pic with Santa

The very red Xmas trees in Sunway

To attract more ppl to shop this month, most of the malls gave away freebies in the form of vouchers to their customers if you spent a certain amount of money and above and at Sunway Pyramid, as long as you spend more than RM 200 (if i did not rmb wrongly) in a single receipt or 2 combined receipt, they allow you for a lucky draw. So, i drawed a Clinique Beauty Makeover voucher worth RM 100 and i decided to claimed the makeover the next day at Pavillion.

Basically, the Clinique assistant did a simple day make up for me, so i'm not sure it's actually worth RM 100 but i really like their blusher palette. However, it's RM 115 , so..hmmm..next time perhaps. After the makeover. I don't think you can see much difference here because it's more obvious under the normal fluorescent light

While the women are enjoying themselves happily shopping, the poor men just sat and wait for their wife. See, almost every couch has a man, looking very 'sien' and bored. Maybe even sad, cz their pockets are burning. Men should accompany their wives shopping, that way they wont be bored, right?

The Olive Tree, this cafe at Pavillion sells such cute cakes. Spongebob Squarepants cake! Cute

I like Pavillion's Xmas tree too because it reminds me of white Christmas

Mum told me that she wanted to give me a holiday make up set from Estee Lauder for Christmas but it had ran out of stock in JB on the 1st day of the sales of this set, so she told me to look for it in KL and if i liked it, i can buy it. Well, so after asking at all the Estee Lauder counters in all the malls that i had went for the past 3 days, i finally found it in Pavillion. haha..

The Estee Lauder traveller make up set for this holiday season

It comes with 6 eye shadow colour, 3 lip gloss and 2 blusher and the brush

I really love the gift and the days in KL. :)

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Wah..... so many places.. so much shopping! I WANT!!!!!!! hahaha... You're so lucky! And you're looking very pretty o! =)

ps: u shd consider getting a chat box on ur blog. then i would leave more comments. hehe..

heyo! i went to shop in pavillion on last Sunday leh, was thinking if u were in KL then! i almost went to sunway piramid to shop but changed my mind last minute since i ran out of time. ya the sales are so very disappointing,i tot it started end of nov?! or so the adv seems to say LOL

ps: i bought my coat in ZARA already! ;)

hey joycie dear, thanks for the compliment..haha. When are you coming back from Canada? After this,my exam is coming, so no more shopping..haha.. I will consider the chat box after my exam next mth i suppose. :P

Norven darling, you shd had called me. I was in KL! But anyway, i guessed the sales will get better towards Xmas. You bought ur coat? That's great. Show me on msn! haha

That Estee Lauder set looks classic,indeed good for travelers.

hahahaha i was parading in my house with the coat and scarf and all; i look a bit like a character out of harry potter! hahahaha