Monday, December 15, 2008

Twilight Craze

Well, recently, there's a lot of talk about the movie Twilight, or rather the lead actor of the movie, Robert Pattinson himself. I saw him in a lot of ger's blog, and how in love they are with him bla bla bla.. Seriously, when i 1st saw the movie poster, it didn't attract me much to watch the movie and i had heard about the plot of the story; it's about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire and willing to give up everything to be with him. Sounds rather cheesy and typical teenage romantic love story to me. However, big boss Kumar recommended me and DD to watched it. He was like, girls will definitely LOVED the movie, it's funny, romantic bla bla bla, so me and DD also went for the movie.

When we were in the cinema, there's this bunch of girls who were sitting behind us (couple seat too) and maybe they had read the storybook or maybe they had done research on the movie or Robert, because the moment Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) walked into the cafeteria (scene fr the movie), they started going all girlishly, hopelessly, totally swoon by him 'oooo, he's so cute, chun la bla bla bla' and i was like 'hmmm, ok ok only what' because seriously that's the 1st impression i got. But, as the movie goes, it really belongs more to teenage romance type of movie, but none the less, it left girls including myself all those imaginery, hopeless romantic ideas of men. And ok-la, Edward is charming in his own static ways. I like the way those ever-changing colours eyes look deep into a girl, i feel it can just melt a girl and of course all the super natural things he could do for a girl that can makes a girl feels protected all the time.

Edward Cullen and his eyes that can look so deep..ooooo

Super-natural things like flying through the woods..gripping tightly on your bf as he flies you through the woods (actually as long as in the air :p) and it will be more romantic if it's snowing lightly and there's soft, cool breeze blowing in your face..that makes me wna date someone who can

And as expected, there is going to be a part 2 to this movie, actually there will be a total of 4 parts because altogether there's 4 books by Stephanie Meyer. Anyway, let me present to you this absolutely will-make-you-drool and wish-you-had-him-for-Christmas Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen which makes a lot of girls go gaga including my hsemate ;p I'm not that mad over him, but he is a fine piece of eye candy definitely *winks*

This pic got me swoon too :D He is such a heart throb, aint he?

Actually, before any of you girls claimed him to be yours, i saw him 1st when he acted as Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. hahaha.. That was 3 years back and i still remembered i watched the movie twice because the 1st time when i watched it with my friends, i decided that he was very good-looking and i even cried when he was killed by the evil Voldemort. I brought L to watched the movie the 2nd time to convinced him that Cedric was very good-looking. However, i must admit, i couldn't recognized him as the senior from Harry Potter 4 when i saw him in the movie Twilight.

He was so young then, we were so young too :p

NOW, before you all proceed on reading, girls let me warn you.. the pic below can be a spoiler to your perfect fantasy man...


i suppose everyone had their bad hair day...........

I don't know why but he look really unkempt in this pic..and unshaven too..hmm not too appealing..aiks~

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