Friday, January 23, 2009

Bling- bling Nails

Yay, it's 3 more days to CNY :). I'm so happy to be going back to home sweet home soon and i can see my family, my dog, my relatives, my friends and everything else that is so familiar. :)

Neway, to usher in the year of ox, i had decided to do something to my nails. I robbed DD in to helped me with my nail art. Actually, it's more to gluing the rhinestones on my nails rather than drawing anything artistic as i'm really a noob in drawing and i don't wanna ruin my nails. hehe..

I always wanted to give this nail art thing a try but because i always had classes and long nails are an absolute no-no for my field of study, so this one week break is a great opportunity for me to try it out even though my nails are still short. Since i'm trying to save money now, what's cheaper than DIY?

Actually, the whole process of doing the nail art is not difficult. But, it needs patience and is time-consuming as we had to apply the base coat, wait to dry, polish, wait to dry, then design the art or in my case, start gluing the stones one by one, wait to dry, and finally, top coat and wait for it to dry and you will have pretty pretty nails. :)

Some of the basic stuff needed

Guess which hand is this? hehehe.. this is the pink hand because the stones are pink and silver :p.. my designs are mainly abstract designs

The flower design on my thumb..i'm a left hander, so using the right hand to do this is more difficult compared to using my left hand to do it

The blue hand..more abstract designs


It is my 1st attempt doing this kinda thing, so i was pretty hyper doing it. hehe.. Now when i look at my fingers, i can see the bling-blingness in them instead of the usual boring-looking nails.

DD also helped me to designed a few. Guessed which is his work? haha

I'm so in love with my bling bling nails right now. I wish they can last through the whole CNY break at least. :)

I'm so into the CNY mood already. Can't wait to get home and i can get my hands on those CNY cookies and bbq pork or chicken. hahaha..

Let's just hope tomorrow bus ride will be smooth and don't take more than 10 hours. :)

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i like the pink hand version. you do have a lot of patient in doing all this. happy chinese new year..

Now you know why I got so obsessed with bling bling on the nails the leh..its damm cool rite??

Eh time choose darker base for light colours blings blings..den only can see the bling bling ma..haha