Sunday, January 18, 2009

EAMSC 3: Demystifying Condoms

On the 3rd day of the conference, there were 4 skills building workshops. The 1st one that we attended was by Dr. Alessandro. It was about how we engaged the correct media in promoting our cause. Like we have to know who the objectives of our cause, our target audiences are, what are the best way to get to them etc.

Our first workshop

Then we moved on to our next workshop which was a talk given by Alischa Ross from Y.E.A.H Australia. She shared her profound personal insights and raised our awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Y.E.A.H workshop

I personally enjoyed the next workshop the most because i think in a way, it really helps some of us to break the norm of being shy to even mentioned the word 'condom' aloud. When was the first time that you actually come to know of such thing called condom and actually see, feel and touch one? As the younger generation, many of us are now more open to condoms, we know what is it, the benefits and how it looks like etc. But, living in a still conservative society like Malaysia, many people are still shy to buy condoms or using it. When you walk into a convenient store like 7-11 and pick up a pack of condom, notice how the cashier will look at you? Or the person behind you will look at you or throw you a sheepish smile that says i-know-what-you-are-up-to?

In certain parts of Malaysia, where condoms are still a huge taboo, people just don't buy condoms because they are afraid of being laugh at or they don't want people to know they are practicing sex or they are just plain shy and ended up practicing unprotected sex. Many are still not aware of the benefits of condom or do not know the proper wearing of the condom that results in condom failure. The older generation especially are very conservative about condoms usage. I think most of us, young ppl grew up experiencing their parents freaking out if they ever find condoms in their children possession. Breaking the taboo of condoms usage does not mean promoting pre-marital or more sex. It simply means that if you want to have sex, then practice safe sex. Condoms are not just to prevent unwanted pregnancy, it can also prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. I think as medical personnels especially, it's important to know at least the proper way of using a condom, if not how are we gonna teach our patient right? I know a lot of you must be thinking at this point of time, 'wanna know the right way means practicing lo'. Well, practice indeed but u can practice on simulated items or at least read the instruction given. If even medical personnels are shy to handle condoms, how are we suppose to promote their benefits and usage to our patients?

And so, the Aussie side had imported like 20,000 boxes of condoms to be given out as sample to delegates. At the beginning of the workshop, a short game called 'stick-the-condom-on-the-stick-man' was played. Volunteers go up front and will be spin and then you will have to walk to the stick man drew on the board and try to stick the condom at the correct location. The one who stick the condom closest to the right place wins.

Ok, time to spin

Finding the right spot

The steps to proper condom wearing

Simulating condom wearing on cucumbers

With the 2 counsellors of the session

These are condom balloons

Then it's time to get creative. We were given time to create condom badges that we can wear so that we are suppose to wear a condom and walked around..I made a condom belt instead of badge :)

DD modification into an 'elephant'

I liked this's Di's..cute

Finally, the workshop sessions ended with the AMSA Korea giving a wonderful presentation of their pre-conference activity on World AIDS Day 2008.

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