Thursday, January 15, 2009

EAMSC 1 : Opening Ceremony

It is almost a week now since the EAMSC ( East Asian Medical Students Conference) had ended. It also means that i'm almost one week into my ortho posting with really unpolished knowledge about bones and muscles. :(

Anyway, the lancet student, which is actually an online medical journal had specially dedicated a section for the 22nd EAMSC. You can click here for more personal reflections and experiences of the delegates of the conference. :)

The conference which lasted for 5 days 4 nights were too short and i really wished we got longer time together. It was held at Monash Uni, Sunway and co-chair by both Malaysia and Australia. Although the time was really limited and we got to rush through a lot of our schedule, and it was so hectic that at the end of the day, i was dead tired, it was truly an amazing experience being able to attend the conference and meet students from around the Asia Pacific region to discuss and understand the HIV/AIDS situation in each respective countries. I also felt very lucky that i could attend this conference as a GM and i'm able to look at things from a GM point of view. When i was in Tokyo, i participated as a general delegate and everything was taken care of and planned for me by my GM so all i had to do is await instructions and it was certainly more relaxed. But now as the GM, the responsibility to take care of my group members was there and i really want to ensure they are able to not only enjoy but also benefit as much as they can. Turn out, i truly enjoy taking care of them and being a GM as much as a delegate and as a whole, i think our group 16 rocks. :D Besides, i managed to foster friendship with ppl from diverse culture and race and it had been a great 4 days spending time with each other.

I coludn't took a lot of pictures as most of the time, at the end of the day, my camera would had ran out of batt (really annoying), but still, i managed to took some pretty reasonable amount of pics.. haha

As usual, after the ice breaking session was the opening ceremony at Monash university.

Group 16 @ the opening ceremony

@ the end of the 1st day after country meeting..tired

We stayed at Holiday Inn Glenmarie which is just about 5 minutes from Monash and it was a really nice hotel.
@ the lobby of the hotel

I shared a room with another GM from Monash and for all 3 nights, we shared the same bed too..haha
The room..nice right?

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