Saturday, January 17, 2009


First of all, i like to say, 'Happy Birthday dearest mummy :). I'm so happy because in 6 days time, i'll be back in JB and celebrating CNY. :)

Back to more EAMSC updates. :)

For our site visits, there are actually four places selected by the organizing committee, namely the Pink Triangle Foundation, Malaysian CARE, PERNIM and Pengasih. Our group got assigned together with another 2 groups to PERNIM, which is a non-governmental organization that provides shelter for children of HIV/ AIDS patients especially to those who have lost their parents to this illness, HIV positive children and orphans.

When we got there, the 1st thing that attracted me was the neat and welcoming appearance of the house. There were perhaps hundreds of soft toys hanging from the ceiling and it certainly made children felt like home. Next, we were brought into the living room, where the founder of PERNIM, Puan Hjh Norlina Hj Alawi gave us a very inspiring and touching welcome speech. She also readily answered our questions and shared with us her experiences of working with HIV positive children. According to her, there are about 50 children living with her now including 7 of her own children and the kids can all mingle with each other with ease regardless if they are HIV positive or negative. When children are still ignorant and innocent, stigmatization don't exist. And that's what we are striving to achieved. Decreased stigmatization in the society so much so that we can all behave like children; we don't segregate and isolate people just because they have HIV. She needs about RM 50,000 a month to provide basic needs and education to all of her adopted children and so far, her financial support had mainly come from her husband and some generous donors.

After the introduction, we were allowed to spend some time exploring the house and talked and played with the children.

Soft toys decorating the ceiling

Her adopted daughter who grew up to be a nurse and helping Pn. Hjh Norlina in caring for the children and Pn. Hjh herself

I don't wana a pic!

The kids are dressed similarly

With the babies

Pusat Perlindungan PERNIM

Some of the children are very shy, some are very talkative and playful and some even know how to camwhore.haha. It's so cute looking at them trying to imitate us by taking our cameras and busy snapping pics of their friends, surroundings and themselves. The visit to PERNIM was certainly heart warming and interesting.

After PERNIM, we had the whole evening free, so we went to KLCC/ Petronas Twin Tower so that everyone can have a glimpsed of the 2nd tallest building in the world. Our nation's pride.

Suria KLCC

Somehow, the whole tower can't fit in properly

Some funny pics we took there

Lastly, we went to Petaling Street for dinner and also for them to buy their souvenirs. We had the famous ikan bakar and basically everything else was cooked in the same way, sotong bakar, ayam bakar, lala bakar etc. All spicy and satisfying. :)

We did not managed to go anywhere else as we ran out of time. Certainly, it was another tiring day but it was fulfilling and bonds got closer. :)

The famous Petaling street

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