Tuesday, January 20, 2009

EAMSC 4 : Saloma Bistro

Entrance of Saloma


More EAMSC updates :).

On the 3rd night of the conference, we went to Saloma Bistro and theater restaurant along Jln Ampang, which is next to Zouk for dinner. The dinner was themed 'Colours of Malaysia Night' as there was cultural performances as we ate.

Honestly, i think Saloma is one of the best choice to bring foreigners to dine at because they not only offer a wide array of local cuisines but they also have cultural performances install for us as we have our dinner. At night, the twin towers can be seen clearly and beautifully from the courtyard of the restaurant.

We arrived at Saloma at about 6pm and luckily, the traffic condition was still fair. We were first brought to Cocoa Boutique which is adjacent to Saloma. Here, there are varieties of Malaysia produced chocolates and some special flavours include papaya, mango, coconut and even durian chocolates. (Don't play play, the durian chocolate is award winning!)

Bananas chocolate! yum

Some sort of chocolate castle..chocs chocs!

While waiting for dinner to start, we walked around the lounge area and enjoy some mocktails served as everyone busy themselves with cam-whoring, lion dance performance (CNY coming..yay yay :D) and appreciate some of the craft work done by the locals.

Guess who i bumped into? UKM-mers from AMSC Tokyo :) (Hong also came into the pic..he also wants to be a Malaysian..hehehe)

As we walked into the lounge, there were kompangs to welcome us

Craftmen at work

Here, a local demonstrating the art of plaiting and weaving

What i find really funny about this pic is not me nor Trung. It's the guy behind trying to kiss the lion. Noticed it? haha

In the theater where we had our dinner, there were at least 8 different type of cultural dances, from the local Malay dance to the indigenous people dance. We managed to get a front table with a very good view of the stage but my camera batt died in no time..zzzz... So, i actually stole a few pics from others who managed to captured very good picture of that night performances.

Don't ask me the name of all the dances because i did not managed to catch it but it was awesome and fantastic. Their costumes are so colourful and eye-catching and the dancers were superb. They were so good that i stopped and watched them dance each time and in the end, even though it was buffet style, i only took 1 plate of starters. haha.. My other 1 plate was taken by DD as i was so glued to my seat.

These are just among some of the dances

Jentayu dancers

This peacock costume is awesome

So graceful

Indigenous people dance

And then, when it's time for the Bangla dance, everyone was invited to go up stage and danced along. I was up there too. Super fun. hehe

There are many many more pics i took that night, but these are among my fav. Can't put too many right, if not you all might get bored of my cam-whoring. :p

@ the lounge

DD, me and KG

The 2 crazy GMs

me and Hiroko.. we both wore black tights with black shoes..hehe

Fellow mates of the same table

I think this might be the only complete GMs pic..can you spot me? hahaha

Group 16! The best-group-ever :)

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