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EAMSC 5 : Cultural Night and Farewell

Finally, it was the last night of EAMSC 2009. The four days of the conference was extremely short and it's marvelous how in such a short period of time we got to know some people so much more and meet amazing and wonderful people from all around the world.

The last night was specially dedicated for cultural performances and delegates were encouraged to dress in cultural costumes too. It was very exciting and this is one of my fav part of the conference because everyone would dressed in colorful and beautiful traditional costumes and of course, the various performances put up by each country was simply sensational. It's amazing how in such a short time frame (3-4 days), delegates from each country whom prior to the conference had never really met for practiced actually only met up during country meeting, planned and practiced their cultural performance and pulled it off so perfectly on the night of the performance. All of us don't have months and months to practiced, all we had were a few nights together to do some practiced, so for that i think everyone did an awesome job. :)

First country up was the land Down Under, Australia. Aussie's performance was crazy but very entertaining. They always had a twist of the unexpected and through their performance, we can see the difference in theirs and our Asians mentality. (very hard to explain this part..haha)

Waltzing Matilda

Chicken dance..the modified version

I don't quite understand why at every Aus cultural performance, there will be one part that they will remove their shirts, but check out the abs and triceps and biceps.. whoa.. (k la, for those who already know me, u know how attractive a good body is to me right..hahaha :p) To watch the whole chicken dance, click the video below.

Team Hong Kong demonstrating tai chi and followed by a modern dance

The Indonesians are definitely another to impress me. With such a large number of delegates, they managed to synchronize their dance steps so well and make it so interesting. No wonder they say, practice makes perfect. Behind this wonderful performance, the Indons really practiced hard.

Kawaii Japanese girls in their high school uniform doing a kawaii high school dance (if you notice, there is one guy among the girls actually..haha)

Kawaii :)

Koreans drumming..very hebat also..from the beat of the drums, you can actually imitate the wind, sun and storm.

After the drumming, pseudo Rain, which is actually Nick from my group (way to go Nick :D ) and 2 of his friends gave us all a very heart-melting modern Korean dance. If i didn't know Nick for the past 3 days, i really might think he is some Korean superstar. Serious, for the moment on stage, he looks just like a superstar and he is so good at dancing. I only managed to record the first minute of his dance which was a great pity (after that my batt went flat, arghh) cz his dance only got better and better. I will try to find a complete version of the video because you all really must watch it!! :p

Up next was Thailand. They too, gave a very light hearted, cheerful dance. The girls are all so pretty too

By this time, i was like, OMG.. So far, each and every country performances had been mind-blowing and super fantabulously terrific. Then, i thought about our very own performance. I only practiced and knew that i was going to performed like on the 1st day of the conference? There was this deep feeling inside me that did not want to go up on stage to perform anymore. After all we are the host country, we were supposed to be the most mind-blowing and memorable but somehow, can we? I was like looking at Mian Li and telling her maybe we should all come up with a plan B or something. It's like an emergency crisis back at our seats. Then just as we were in mid crisis, the mc called out for Malaysia. *thud thud thud*

So, the AMSA Malaysians picked up their couraged and decided to just performed since we don't really had any other choices anyway. Come to think of it now, it's quite funny how we felt then. Anyway, my part of Chinese dance was not that long, i think it's only 5 mins so even if we do embarassed ourselves, it will be for that short 5 mins.. hahaha

Basically, the Malaysia performance was divided into 3 parts. The 1st part potrays the Malay culture and there was a silat demonstration, serving of kuih-muih and playing of traditional games like congkak.

The second part was the Chinese culture part. Me and ML were the only 2 that wore cheongsam and DD and J were the other 2 that wore samfu, so there's only 4 of us doing the Chinese part. We did a short fan dance and then there was J great idea of throwing mandarin oranges to show that during the 15th day of Lunar New Year, girls will throw mandarin oranges to the guys and guys who pick them up will go spot the girl and they will start dating happily. Only in our performance, revolution had occurred and guys are the one throwing and girls are the one catching. :p

The fan fan super broke halfway while i was dancing!! Luckily, the dance was only 5 mins and i had to hold on to it's broken end just in case it comes into pieces halfway, if that happens, Malaysia's performance will definitely be memorable :p

3rd part was the Indian dance..sizzling sexy..haha

And finally, everyone came out to take a bow and the last part was when all Malaysia delegates came together to sing 'Rasa Sayang' spontaneously. That was plan B. hahaha

By the time Taiwan went on with their performance, my camera batt was flat so i did not even managed to captured a single pic but all the same, their performance was very good. In fact, all the performances had been breath-taking and i wished we could see more of this often.

Just a few more pics of the night, everyone looking so pretty and good in their traditional costumes.

With Malaysian delegates..multi-cultural indeed

me and DD

More Malaysian delegates

The girls from Mongolia and Aus

Shazeea and me

The cute Koreans

With some of my group members i managed to catch

me, H fr Philippines and ML

Ali and Ally :p

I had to leave that night itself because turtle land starts class on Sunday. When most ppl heard i had class on Sunday, they all looked so shock. I really wished i had stayed for MOS instead because i shouldn't had bothered bout the c.o.w (what she always called herself). Kinda regret not staying another night.

This conference had certainly brought more memorable and wonderful memories to me and the experience was worthwhile every single cent paid. True, we could had traveled to somewhere longer or further for that amount of money, but the experience and friends gained is not something that can be exchanged for cash. It had been amazing working with my other crazy GM and my group members are fantastic. They had given me the opportunity to had so much fun and to learn so much in such a short period of time. Thanks to the invention of things like facebook, now we can all keep in touch no matter which corner of the earth we are as long as there is internet connection.. haha. Thank you too to the hard work of the organizing committe and everyone else that had make this conference a success. These memories that i had, will always remain with me. :)

Super-duper Group 16

Thank you, Group 16.. much love..muacks :)

PS : Anyone with videos of that night cultural performances, please send it to me. I will really love to keep a copy.

PSS : I will love to have pics of that night too and all the other pics that i had took since my camera batt went flat.

PSSS : Thank you for all that had send/tag me my pictures. Really appreciate that. :)

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