Saturday, January 17, 2009

Malaysia Police Boleh

It's almost 5 am now and Ally is nocturnal again! haha..

Well, well, well, its like today is the 1st time i stayed up till so late ever since i moved to KT. Coming to KT had drained all my nocturnal energy it seems. I'm kinda sleepy actually but i just wna shared this b4 sleeping.

In another few hours, people will be rising and those that are eligible to vote will go off to cast their precious votes in the much campaign KT by-election. Sure, this by-election will not determine if the central or the state gov falls into the opposition hand, but it certainly reflects the trust of the ppl in the current ruling party. We all saw that BN had won the KT seat in the March 2008 election, but will they be able to withhold their seat once again in tomorrow election? If they lose to the opposition this time round, what signal is the people trying to send?

Well, i'm not one who is extremely interested in politics or who follows closely to each and every news and updates in the political world, but i do take concern at least to the political happenings around me. I'm usually liberal when it comes to taking a political stand. To be honest, i don't particularly favour any political party. Sometimes, i felt the propagandas they brought up, the changes they promised are just simply bullshit and it will not exactly materialized. In order to win, in order to gain support and votes and in order to come into power, political parties from all side can promise you a lot of things. But whether their promises will materialize is certainly another matter. The pre-election campaign in KT had certainly been a sight. Flags, posters, flyers, newspapers, dinners, talks are among the gimmicks and resorts done by both parties in order to gain supporters especially those that sits on the fence and unsure of who to cast their votes to. Even from my room, i can occasionally here the 'ceramah' given by either BN or PAS and surely, each will condemn the other.

Seriously, i just hope that the by-election tomorrow can occured peacefully, with no riots of any sort nor will there be any demonstrations, nor massive traffic jams nor phantom voters. While we were trying to get around just now, jams were already building up. This is the 1st time actually i see KT town in jam and there were so many polices and people around. The whole town suddenly was so packed with people. Even at Chinatown, in order to woo supporters, BN threw some sort of talk and performances in conjunction with the upcoming CNY and causes the whole eating place to be jam packed with people and cars.

But with so many police around, one will certainly think that they are very 'safe' right? Well, think again. Many times i do wonder, if a police on duty is in charge of escorting a certainVIP, do they stop to give you summons too if they caught you, say speeding, making illegal turns or having passengers not putting on rear seat belts? Or will they stop to chase after a snatch thief ot give chase to robbers or anything else that is apart from the duty they are in charge in? I remembered as a prefect in school, if i'm assigned to be in charge of the school hall, i will still need to look after the overall regulations of the school to make sure other students abide them too. Which means to say, if i have to look after people in the hall and on the way, i saw someone vandalizing the toilet, i will still need to take action against the vandalizer or if i see anything wrong along the way, i will still need to correct it, aint?

But what happen just now was, a friend of mine got into a minor car accident. She knocked into a motorcyclist and the motorcyclist demanded her to compensate him a good RM 500 for his bike repair. The accident occurred only about 1 km from the nearest police station and there were 2 polices walking pass us several times. My friend decided to settled the case at the police station as she wanted to claimed insurance for repair of both her car and the motorcycle. However, the motorcyclist refused to make a trip to the police station and they insisted that my friend made the payment on the spot and they are not willing to negotiate the price. Helpless, as we can't possibly dragged them to the police station and we were really starting to get scared of their rowdy behaviours, we decided to called the 2 policemen that were walking pass us to come and assist us in bringing them to the station or at least they can start investigating their licence or something. After all, they are the police. They should know what to do. When citizens had trouble and needs protection, they certainly think of the ever-noble policemen.

The two policemen were wearing traffic police attire and they even had a fluorescent vest over them that writes 'POLIS' in capital letter. Sad to say, those good-for-nothings who only know how to take bribery, when approached by another friend, said that THEY ARE NOT POLICE. THEY ARE JUST ASSISTING!!!!!! Don't ask me assisting what, cause that's all they said before they walked away and when i hear that i was more pissed at their attitude than caring what assistant they offer. Can someone correct my facts if i'm wrong, but isn't it that if you tried to dressed up as a police in Malaysia, it's against the law and you can be caught for being bogus police? Their uniform certainly had 3 stripes on them (whatever rank that means in the police force) and they can say they are not police and just walked away??? You should see the face of all those monkeys grinning happily when they see the good-for-nothings fools walking away. What if the monkeys were beating up my friend? (they certainly looked like they are capable of it). Will those 2 fools had stopped to intervene? Or are they just gonna walked on because their duty that night was not to stop fights?

Malaysia police. I'm definitely ashamed of them. While i had long been way too disappointed with their corruption and bribery, what happened tonight adds on more ridiculousness. While the political leaders are probably drumming up all possible wonderful jobs they are doing to those at the talks and ceramah, i experienced 1st hand how useless and irresponsible our Malaysia polices still are. Well, to be fair, i admit, not all of the police are like that. They are still a few that upholds the value and ethics of being a police, but 90% of the police i came across are very terrible polices. In fact, how many real good police had you all came across with?

Our Malaysia police force needs serious revamping. Something serious need to be done. If not, how can we ever trust our police force? When the citizens are in distress and need help, who can they turned to for protection and ensure just, fair and appropriate action are taken? Who can we turned to when we are bullied? Who can we turned to when the ones that are supposedly protecting the people are so corrupted themselves that the people need to suffer in unjust and misery? To those of you who wants to be in power, you always ask the people to call out their needs and you crapped that you will try to take care of it. Well, this is my cry now. Can a real transparent gov system really exist? Will the day ever come that i can proudly proclaimed to my friends from other countries that the Malaysia judiciary and police are fair, just and efficient? The next time a snatch theft case occurred, can i ensure that there will be no double standard in handling the case (in all cases actually)? Can changes really occurred as you had promised?

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