Monday, January 19, 2009

My First Experience in the Operating Theater

The time on my watch showed 9.00 pm.

We were in the female ortho ward walking to and fro, waiting for time to passed so that we can wrapped up our on-call for the night. We did not particularly felt like clerking any patients and most of the patients were beginning to go to bed.

We saw the MO on duty walking towards an old auntie with a kidney dish and syringes and a branula.

Well, probably another simple procedure of venipuncture and branula insertion. But some procedure is better than us walking idly around, after all, the last we got in touch with venipuncture was in internal med half a year ago.

When we got to the auntie's bed, we realized the auntie was actually preparing for an amputation and wound debridement in the operating theater once she completed the venipuncture and branula insertion. She had already changed into her operating gown and had her shower cap on.

I looked at the auntie and noticed that she had diabetic foot. There was a gangrene on her right hallux (big toe) and that's where the surgeons will amputate it in a while. I looked down at my own toes and silently felt grateful that i had ten normal toes and it's all still healthy. Another reason of why we should reduced sugar in our diet. You wouldn't want to be a diabetic. It's pitiful.

After the venipuncture and branula was inserted, the auntie was pushed to the operating theater. All the way, she was very brave and i felt kinda sad for her because she did not had any family members or friends accompanying her. Sure, it's not some major life-threatening operation but think about it in another way, before the operation, she still had ten intact toes but after the operation, she will be left with nine toes and part of her feet will be gone for good as well. It's like you will never get to see that part of your limb again. I'm sure some kinda support or showed of care from families and friends will make her felt better.

I don't know how much you love each and every part of your body but i personally love every part of myself to bits. Yea, even though sometimes i complained of the fats, the hair, the eyes, the nose etc but i do love them and the thought of having any part of myself (organ donations aside, thats another story altogether) removed permanently is kinda depressing. It's not like you had an accident and you got your limbs amputated while you were in coma, you get the shock and depression afterward, but removing a limb while you are awared and signed a consent to it, that must had took a lot of courage and bravery.

I really, really wanted to go up to the auntie and talked to her while she waited for her turn to be operated in loneliness. But, i'm lost for words. I mean i don't want to go up to her and say something cliche like 'everything will be ok soon'. I wish i could find the right words to say to someone who is going to lose one part of herself soon.

So, after changing out of my clothes and into the sterile clothes and shower cap and mask, we waited in the operating theater and soon, the auntie was pushed in and sedated and the amputation was done. The surgeon cut out the toe really quick and in a non-medical term, it almost looked as though he was just cutting away a chicken. The auntie had her amputation done till her mid metatarsals and i wonder do they really need to amputate that much for a small gangrene on the big toe? I'm sure Dr. W will have something else to say.

Anyway, that was my very first time in an operating theater. I always felt excited to experience what is it like to be in a real surgical room, with surgeons working on the patient and real muscles, bones and blood and as you see the patient being cut open, it looks just like dissection on a frog. Not just on tv, but be there and see it. The setting and even the surgeons at work resemble very much those that you see in Grey's Anatomy or Dr. House or even the movie Awake. It was pretty exciting for the first time but at one point, i got pretty nauseated. So, for me, i can never go into an OT with an empty stomach. The cold air con, the smell of the anaesthetic and the sights of flesh, bones and blood will make me faint if i'm on empty stomach i guess.

With more OTs to come, i'm sure there will be more gross and gory scenes. Interesting or tiring? I supposed both in a way. Aspiring to be a surgeon? We'll see how it goes! :)

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To be a doctor, you have to be brave.You will used to it in future after watching few more show..hahaha. Happy Chinese New Year to you.Hope you have a wonderful time there.

Dont want to be a surgeon??? Just be a general doctor?

it's still too early to decide. And being a general doctor is as good. A doctor main aim is to save lives. What kinda specialty you end up in is purely due to interest. If you can be an excellent GP, why not? Instead of being a half past six surgeon. :)

True true, haha let the guys be surgeon then.