Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chap Goh Meh Celebration

The 15 days of CNY had officially been over. No excuse now to say im in a holiday mood except that Valentine's is coming so another reason to feel all lovey-dovey and pampered. (err.. does that makes sense? haha).

Chap Goh Meh is the Hokkien translation for fifteenth night, which also marks the last day of the CNY. There's a Chinese tradition of girls throwing mandarin oranges scribble with their names and add (in this modern era, emails or msn) into a lake/river hoping that an eligible young man who will be their future spouses will pick them up. Of course, i think this throwing mandarin oranges tradition is decreasing in the younger generation and people these days just throw the oranges to make more friends or just for the fun of the tradition. But, what happens to those oranges that are not pick by anyone? Or pick by the wrong hands? Some sly businessman will even wait at the rivers/lakes to pick up these mandarin oranges and only to resell them at the market or fruit stall the next day! If you all read the paper yesterday, The Star reported that guys in this era toss bananas with messages written on them too. I said revolution occurred and guys shd be the one throwing the oranges. But they had gone one step ahead by tossing bananas. haha. :p

So, on Monday, we had bbq, teppanyaki and also steamboat at SK's place. There were so many varieties of food and we ate to our heart content. Must really thank SK also for pre-marinating all the chickens and preparing the soup.

Bbq pit.. Eh, whats that 2 files doing there? hmm

The 2 files were used to start the fire..hehe

Herbal soup for steamboat

Big clams for the clam lovers. Clam lovers said that the clams were really fresh

Marinated chicken wings for bbq

Assortment of balls, crab sticks, sausages, fishcakes, golden mushrooms, mee hoon and potatoes

Got stingray and squids for our very own ikan and sotong bakar.. yum yum.. fish, chicken slices, ham (and it's pork), tofu, cuttlefish, nuggets and prawns

Noodles, vegetables, otak-otak and satay

The various chilli paste, sambal paste, garlics, onions, sugar, oil, pepper etc for flavoring and seasoning

And they were afraid we will not have enough food, so they got these keropok lekor as well

Of course, we spend the night just eating and eating and eating alternating between steamboat, bbq and teppanyaki.

Uncle, eat until like that..haha

All can't wait to start the teppanyaki and steamboat

@ the bbq pit

After Lou and Ed bbqed the chickens for everyone, K enjoyed bbq-ing the most

We also celebrated H's birthday in advance.

Nice birthday cake for the bday boy

Everybody say cheese =)

and then....



after blowing the birthday cake................

woops.. look at the smashed cake.. obviously being smashed into the face of the bday boy!! haha


Comes the cleaning up part... after playing, talking, eating and dirtying the place, the 'MBKT' workers are hard at work .. hahaha..kidding

We had a lot of fun that night and i really want to thank mainly SK, BT and also her housemates for preparing so much nice food for us. I know, being the organizers of a party is never easy so really appreciated their effort. Despite being a weekday and they had a presentation the next day, they still organized this party to celebrate Chap Goh Meh together. They really proved that even if you had a presentation to do the next day, that don't mean all you can do is sit in your room the whole night b4. Gotta learn some speedy preparation skills from them.. haha.. :p

PS : This whole week, we are playing a game of angel and mortal. So, if my angel does read my blog, i wna say thank you so far. You been doing a great job. :)

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