Sunday, February 08, 2009

Coffee Terrace, Genting Highlands

On the 3rd day of CNY, dad droved to Genting. We reached at about 5pm in the evening and luckily dad's friend had check in for us, so all we got to do was collect the room key. If not, we had to wait for at least another 50 person b4 it was our turn. :). One good thing amidst being sandwiched among the thousands of people in the sardine-packed Genting was that during CNY, they actually gave out free dining vouchers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each voucher is entitled for 2 pax. So, for dinner, we selected Coffee Terrace at Genting Hotel. Coffee Terrace is one of the nicest buffet style restaurant in Genting, and it is one of my fav too. Other than the wide selection of local, Asian, Nyonya, Jap, Western and Western Asian delicacies available, they actually had a very nice view of Genting Highlands. Too bad, they gave us a seat in the middle and not the window seat. The price for super peak season like during the CNY was RM 62 ++ for an adult for dinner.

One thing about buffet is that, we will take our place, then start eating, eating and eating until our tummy literally screams explode before we stop. For me, whenever i go for a buffet, it means that i will at least spend 2 hours at that particular restaurant eating, chatting, rest then continue eating again. :p. Well, unless the selection the buffet offered is very minimal or does not had many things i like, if not i will at least like to try a bit of everything or at least till my stomach reaches it's maximum.

Me and bro at the entrance of Coffee Terrace

Interior of the restaurant

Some of the Western food selection

Tandoori chicken and chilli crab

Sushi and teriyaki chicken

Soba, Jap pizza and tempuras

Satay and ketupat

Tauhu bakar, papadum and otak

Oh, and a mini chocolate fondue.. nice.. there was one guy who was actually drinking the chocolates after collecting the chooclates in a bowl


Mint, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with chocolate topping

Sadly, i did not get to try everything that night including most of the local food and even my bro who can eats a lot, claimed that if he put in any more food, his tummy will explode..haha..

I will definitely like to go back for more. haha.. Even though buffet can certainly make you grow fat :p

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5 fondue dips :

Tandoori chicken looks like roasted rat meat:P

WAH! really a good place to go for buffet, so many varieties.How much per head?

My friend said more than you mentioned?

Prices depends on the season. Like during CNY, it was super peak season so it was about RM 62++ per person. And it indeed has more food but i did not managed to try all of them ;)