Saturday, February 07, 2009

Paradise Deluxe Restaurant, Kuala Terengganu

Update : I got confused with the name of the restaurant last night. The actual name of the restaurant is Paradise Deluxe Restaurant, hence it had been edited. Sorry for the confusion :)

So fast it's already the 13th day of CNY. Which means to say, CNY is officially gonna end soon. Last night, Prof treated all the year 3, 4, lecturers and their families to dinner at Paradise Deluxe, a 2 storey Chinese restaurant.

6 of us girls had a whole table to ourselves..hehe

There are 7 dishes altogether and water melons at the end of the meal. The dishes were served even before we got there, so by the time we started eating, the food had became a bit cold.

Cashew nut chicken with dried chillies

Hot-plate tofu

Fried nyonya fish.. best dish of the night

Fried omellete with mushrooms

Sweet and sour prawn

Steam squids

Mixed vegetable

Although there were only 6 of us, and with so much food, we managed to finished all the dishes except the squids and that is also because we don't like the squids. haha! Overall, i find the food ok, if it had been serves hot, i think it would had tasted better. The fish and prawns were fresh and their food is not too salty nor too sweet.

So, if you are in KT and wants to have dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant, this place is quite ok. However, im not too sure bout the price but according to S, it is quite reasonable. :)

We did a pretty good job finishing up the food right? hahaha

Girls in my class with Prof

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5 fondue dips :

don't like squids? my favourite... then why did u girls order that dish?

hello..first time coming here.. nice to see all gathered for a reunion, even with professor and lecturers.. great dishes too but if they were cold already, perhaps not so good already, huh...
anyway, have a nice weekend..

hi all, thanks for dropping by :). We were not the ones that placed the orders. Our prof ordered the dishes in advance :)

so many girls in your class!