Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Murni @ SS2

This is yet another overdue post from my Valentine's weekend in KL. Been pretty busy these few days despite my afternoon classes all being canceled for the past 3 days. :p

Couple tee.. cute anot? hahaha

One of the nights, we had a late lunch and skipped dinner so we were kinda hungry later on that night. So, me, DD, his bro and W went to one of the most popular and populated mamak in KL, SS 2 to be exact, Mamak Murni for supper. We went there a few times before but yet, i had never tried their Napoleon fried rice which my friend told me is a must try. Hmph.

I'm sure Murni is not a non familiar name among the KL-ian but for ppl outside KL, you may consider giving it a visit if you are looking for a mamak in KL. This is one of my fav mamak in KL also because of the varieties and special mamak food they offer. The owner of Murni is not a mamak to be exact, he is actually from Peranakan descendant. For me personally, the food tasted good as well. The prices are not exactly cheap for mamak but yet cheaper than what you get at restaurants outside. Besides the usual mamak food, they also have things like meatballs, carbonara, spaghetti and claypot lao shu fen. Even their 'rotis' are modified; they have their very own roti Hawaii, roti Bacon etc.

This place is usually fully packed with youngster hanging out during the weekend. Their tables and chairs can extend all the way from one end of a row of shophouse to the other end. No kidding.

I Love You - my fav drink at Murni. A mixture of ribena, 100 plus, longans and a slice of lemon

Maryland fried rice - fusion of normal mamak fried rice and Maryland chicken chop

Roti Hawaii- roti canai with mince chicken, pineapples and sausages as the filling and mayo over it

Pizza 'Gredging' - this funny shape pastry with bolognese sauce, like a 10x magnified currypuff

It is actually filled with mince meat, eggs, hams, sausages, cheese.. yum :)


Cheese naan that took forever to come.. this is the only thing that i felt the one at Steven's Corner tasted better :p

Eating this kinda food for supper is absolutely sinful. haha. But it's better than having so few mamak in KT. Arh, miss hanging out at mamak. :)

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Seems like u had a great supper here yo ! :O huh ! ordered so many foods ~ !

Eh, u like to take fondue? Why the Fondue of Life? Based on some stories veiled? Hahahahaha, kidding!

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wow...so many choices of food..i wan try it sumday

kai and baobei : yeap..i certainly loves fondue.. :). Ah, the sotry behind it? Long story. Hope can tell you someday. :)

Chloe : babe, i miss u too. Hope you aree not missing Msia too badly :p

Kuntong : You shd go try..hehe ;)

ya...i do it for free..bcoz nid to practice..
interested? or any wedding or portrait shoot wan recomend to me ah? haha

my fav too, ribena+100plus+longan+lemon+blended ice. Ideal for hot summer day~

By the way, is this a food blog?

OH MY GOSH! didn't know that your face is much bigger that your DD;D