Saturday, February 07, 2009

Resort Cafe, Genting Higlands

Ok, b4 CNY officially ends, let me try to at least finish blogging about my one week CNY break. :p

On the 4th day of CNY we were in Genting. Genting had gotta be one of my family fav holiday destination locally. hehe.. We had our lunch at Resort Cafe at Resort Hotel. For those who do not noe, Genting Highlands does not consist of just one block of hotel, it consists of several blocks of hotel that are very close together and Resort Cafe is located in the Resort Hotel. As part of CNY promo, each room actually gave out discount vouchers for dining at various restaurants in Genting. Senior citizens are also entitled for 50% discounts at all restaurants under Genting. This way, eating buffet in Genting is much more worthwhile then simply dining at any one cafe, restaurants or fast food chain cz else food are very expensive in Genting.

Currently, Resort Cafe is combined with Kampung Restaurant. Resort Cafe on one side had Hainanese chicken rice, some Chinese dishes and soup, grilled beef, lamb and fish, chicken chop, mushroom soup and pennes. Kampung Restaurant on the other side had all types of Indian dishes and in between both is a wide selection of salads and deserts.

From the outside

I like this fan's not so functional as a fan though..but it's cool enough in Genting to go without fan

Salad bar

Western food and pennes selection

Indian food counter.. the chef fried the fried food on the spot to prevent the fried food from getting soggy.. I like the Indian food at Resort Cafe better than the Chinese or western food

Deserts counter..i like best the deserts at a buffet..hehe

Me and my bro

After a full lunch

After lunch, me and my siblings walked around Genting and we decided to skipped the theme park because there were so, SO many ppl in Genting that i supposed we would had to queue for hours just to get on a ride and it will be such a waste of time. We wanted to go sing k, but all the karaoke rooms were full, we wanted to watched a movie, but there were no suitable time, we wanted to play archery but there were quite a lot of ppl too, so in the end sis suggested that we go on the monorail. I dno why but we all agreed and even bought the tickets and ended up queuing about 1 and the half hour for the ride. Luckily, i had DD's psp to killed time :p. The monorail will turn one big round around both Genting indoor and outdoor theme park.

Finally on this caterpillar aka the monorail..

People of all age group- Infants, toddlers, children, adoloescent, adult, elderly

Outdoor theme park

The very colourful 1st world hotel

Then, it suddenly got very misty and chill but we made our way to the flying coaster and i supposed because this ride requires ppl to pay an extra RM 12 per ride, this is the only ride around that we do not need to queue. Wonderful. Me and bro paid, got up the flying coaster, 'fly' through the mist and in 5 mins or less, we were back down. haha

See, how misty is it at the Flying coaster

Finally, we managed to catched another lion dance performance while enjoying xiao long bao at Times Square, the indoor arena of First World Hotel before leaving Genting Highlands.

By the time we got to the foot of the mountain, it was already past 7 pm but my family had a great time together and i kinda wish we could had enjoyed the cool weather up there for a few more days. :)

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