Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sarah Brightman Is Amazing

I know i don't have to repeat what an amazing soprano/singer she is. I was doing my long overdue CWU and i was listening to all these amazing Sarah Brightman songs on Youtube. Of course, i loves the musical Phamtom of the Opera and she as the original 'Christine'. It's not that Emmy Rossum is terrible, but i love Sarah Brightman better. She is just so elegant, classy, beautiful and have such an angelic voice. I know she is coming to KL but her tickets are way too expensive. Gosh. Why don't anyone give out free tickets of Sarah Brightman to be won like when Rihanna supposedly came, Hitz had these tickets giveaway daily. hehe..

Anyway, enjoy Sarah Brightman. These are just some of my favs. (except the last video was Emmy Rossum just for comparison :p ). Love the 2nd video. It's an anime actually. So sweet. Dedicated for you, DD ..hehe =)

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yaaaaaaa, she is my favourite star !!!!!! always crazy of her songs :P yeah amazingggggggg !!! so touch when listening her voice!

yeah! i LOVE her toooooooO!!!!!!


Listen to her song makes me feel great in a day..