Friday, February 27, 2009

Sports Carnival

The past one whole week had certainly been super busy for me. I had started my current posting in A & E and this is our only 2 weeks here for all our 3 clinical years. Not fair. I want more :p. Although i can't feel the adrenalin-rush just like in dramas or movies but i find the cases very interesting mostly and we constantly have something new to learn about. Of course, there are times when the whole department is quite quiet except for the green zone, but that is of course a good sign too because it means that at least there are no major accidents or any traumas around.

So, i had wanted to update about the Sports Carnival in my uni last Sat but did not have time to do it till today. In fact, i think the main aim is for everyone to put aside their books for a day, come together and have some fun playing sports. There were four types of sports played between groups on that day; Captain Ball, basketball, futsal and badminton.

Guess which event did my group won? (try guessing b4 you scroll down. ans at the bottom) hehe..

This says it all.. the MOST AWAITED Sports Carnival :p

Medals to those who made their group proud :)

Prof sponsored us lunch - nasi dagang

Below are some of the candid snapshots of the sports carnival :)

Eh, eh, look everyone, i'm having wrist drop.So, later be more sympathetic to me k..Don't throw any balls to me :p

Captain Ball. Grp 1 vs Grp 2

H : I caught the ball dy ar.. Look i'm still catching hold of it. 2 points for Grp 2. Yay!

While everyone else is concentrating on the ball on the other side, i wonder what triggers Soni laughing nerve so hard

Before the start of our final match against our seniors/lecturers

When it comes to basketball, the guys are really 'ganas' to each other

thud thud thud.. is my ball going in? *pls go in, pls go in, if not later my grp will chopped me into pork chop*

Our student council president during the basketball match

Nice job, guys :)

I may not be young anymore, but my golden leg can still score golden goals in futsal

Woohoo, look at PJ exhilarating expression

Woohoo, pose 1st b4 starting my badminton game

Absolute chemistry between these 2 players? Similar direction and action

Let me teach you some tricks in playing. 1st put up ur hand with the racquet. Then be prepare to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it'..

In any sports event, there are always injuries. And look who's the ones injured that day.

Our beloved boss. K : Aswin, look here, look here. I wan to show you the power of my strain ankle. Grade my muscle power now..

Hmmm.. i think this is ok.. make sure you don't cut so big so that it wont look so obvious on my forehead..later all the girls run from me le... :p

hahaha.. ur teeth also bleeding? see see.. my wound wrapped dy

Yes! We won Captain Ball. Unbelievable but we did it. Hurray for Group 2 :D

Our medals

That's not all.. Group 2 also won basketball. Double hurray. :D Group 2 the overall winner (nth for overall winner tho, just happy for ourselves..haha)

At the end of the day, we were all tired. My muscles began to ache and i could had slept through the whole evening to the next morning. But, i had my share of fun during the event.

It felt good to sweat it out. :)

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u r hyper active girl ~ !!! hahahaha! take a rest this week :)

how come ur nasidagang is white colour one ? haha... different from kelantan one leh hehe... and who is the 2 foreigner that playbadminton ? lecturer ?

haha..dno le.. diff gua.. those 2, 1 is lecturer.. teaching surgery, the other is admin staff

Muscles aching,haha, cos you seldom exercise ~~