Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Dinner @ Hajime

Valentine's Day is over, or maybe not for some. Every other day can be Valentine's Day for a couple. :p. I was in KL over the weekend and you can practically feel love in the air everywhere you go.

Sometimes i felt Valentine's Day is totally overrated. Flowers prices especially usually shot up 3 or 4 folds at least. Many people usually asks why do we need to wait till Valentine's to give flowers, chocs, gifts etc when we know that prices of these stuff are definitely going to increase. For me personally, i think Valentine's Day is a day to show your love, not only to your lover, but also to everyone else that you love, like your family and friends. For lovers, you just want to be reminded how much you love each other and giving gifts are only because you want to show appreciation and to pampered your other half. Sometimes as we get more busy with work or with our life, it is a time to at least put aside everything else and just spend time with each other. Flowers are romantic and i know i'm always happy if i got to received a stalk of flower on this day. hehe. You don't necessary have to spend a bomb on flowers too because i think even hand-made flowers are meaningful and romantic. Nonetheless, i do not think that gifts and flowers are absolute necessary on this day, as long as you get to spend time with each other, had fun, do something memorable or go for a meal is good enough.

But my lovely DD still got me a bouquet of flower. They are not roses however. A unique selection for Valentine's Day. haha

My fav sunflowers to brighten up any gloomy day :)

We went to Hajime for our Valentine's dinner. :)

Hajime Japanese Restaurant

Hajime is actually a refurbished double storey bungalow house with spacious car park. I was really excited to dine there as i had heard very good review about the place and if the season is right, they will have pufferfish (fugu) too. Pufferfish are rarely available everywhere in Malaysia and only profesionally trained and highly specialized chef are licenced to prepare them as pufferfish can be deadly if not handle skillfully.

The pufferfish logo of Hajime that you can't miss

Both the exterior and interior of the restaurant are very pleasing. The interior is divided into 2 sections, one with tatami-style seating and the other with conventional tables and chairs. We had reserevd the tatami-style because i like the idea of enjoying Japanese food the Japanese style. With yellow lighting and wooden furnishes of different sorts, it gives off a very cosy and classy feeling.

The conventional chairs and tables. If you like, you can even take a seat at the sushi bar and chat with the friendly chefs.

Their menus are seasonal, and they are not the same each and every time. So, we take delight in selecting the chefs special for this season. Fugu are not available as they are only available from December to January or up till early February.

Complimetary appetizer with heart shape tamago

Their service is excellent, the staffs are friendly and nice and wthin minutes, the food are served. The food are superior and fresh and these are the food we ordered for the night :

Special salmon miso soup. Skip the normal miso soup and try this brilliant combination of salmon in the usual miso. Instead of the very salty tasting miso, this is actually sweet and salty to perfection

Bikkuri maki - combination of fresh salmon with cheese and bonito is awesome. Dip them with some wasabi and the taste is thrilling

Black spider- crispy soft shell crab with caviar. This is one of the best sushi i had eaten and i really like the genius combination of caviar

Hajime Lady Set- the portions are indeed small but the whole set will be very filling for a lady to finish it all up by herself. :p. The set consist of a fried dish (depending on the chef preference of the day, we got tempuras that night), fresh sashimis, sushi rolls, salad, unagi stick, a steam dish (mainly fish) , and chawan mushi. The texture of the eggs are so smooth and it melts directly in the mouth. I had not eaten such fantastic chawan mushi in such a long time. And i must say their sashimis are very fresh because for someone who don't really have a penchant for raw food like me, if they are not fresh enough, i will definitely throw up

Hotatei Ninniku- Grilled scallop with cheese. Another genius combinaton. One of my fav dish of the night too. The scallops are grilled just right that the juiciness is maintained while the cheese melts perfectly over them.

Hot Inaniwa Udon. The hot ones are served with tempura flakes and chilli powder while the cold ones will be served with dashi sauce which you can dip your noodles in before slurping them

Kuzukiri- a dessert of jelly-like noodle sprinkled with chestnut powder, gula melaka and gold leaf

Azuki macha (red bean with green tea) ice cream- this is also complimentary to all ladies that night. Actually, there are other selection of ice creams but we choosed this as it is my fav. Honestly, this is one dessert that can never beat the ones i tried in Tokyo. And because i had tried better ones in Tokyo, i think this is so-so only

After we finished all our main dishes, we had to wait a while for dessert, so me and DD played around with the camera with our silly poses. hehe

ouch ouch..DD bully me :(

Hmph..dare to pinch my cheek just you know...:p..haha

The rope-like entrance of Hajime

Overall, i really like the place and i think their food are marvelous. The prices are a little expensive, but it's a pleasant place for dining out occasionally. I surely like to go back for a second visit someday, maybe when it is the fugu season. haha :)

Hajime Japanese Restaurant
N0. 64, Jln. Damai,
Off Jln Tun Razak,
55000 KL
Tel : 03-21430073

PS :I'm not paid for avertising for them. haha. But it's better to call for reservation if you are planning on dining out there on special occasions. :)

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