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Bukit Genting, Penang

It seems that no one had gotten the answer right to the question of my previous post. So no need to give away prizes.. hahaha

Anyway, the place i wna introduce today is Bukit Genting (Hill), Penang. Wonder what this place has to offer? Yummy Thai food with a breath-taking view of sunrise or sunset while dining at the hilltop. :) In short, it's another look out point in Penang. When DD's mum suggested that we go over there for dinner, i was kinda excited because i had never been there and Thai food sounds very feasible. We planned to leave early from home so that we could reached there at about 6.30pm because that will be the best time to witnessed the sunset.

Alas, it seems that everybody remembered differently on how to get there. This spectacular place is somewhat hidden in Balik Pulau, not a place DD is very familiar with as he seldom goes there. (he been there only once). So, we turned the place, passed Teluk Kumbar town a few times, while watching out for two huge water tanks as DD's mum and bro remembered that at the water tanks, that's where we will see a brightly litted signboard that directs us up Bukit Genting.

So, as not to confuse all of you, Penangites anot that had never been there but like to go up there, if you are coming from Bayan Lepas, passed Teluk Kumbar town first, then just follow the road straight until you passed a mini Indian temple and go on until you see two water tanks on your right. Bukit Genting is on your left. :). It's really easy once you find the place.

The road uphill is pretty steep and i supposed one requires good driving skill to get up and down the hill. Besides the Thai restaurant, there's also chalets and spa for visitors. Myth had it that the restaurant was actually a gift from the restaurant owner to his pretty Thailand wife as her birthday present and she had decided to open it up to the public to share the beauty of the place with everyone.

We reached the place at about 7.30 pm but the sun was kind to us that day to set a little late. We still managed to catch glimpse of the sun lining the turning dark sky. Everything else below looks like patches of black with blinking lights. That's Turtle Island from the hill top. Luckily it was not raining too. The evening breeze is cool and the panaroma is simply spectacular.

The sun setting in the horizon. Beautiful.

The blinking lights of the city below.

Just so as to know what those black patches really are, i took this pic from another look out point on the way down from Balik Pulau to Air Itam the day after. It's paddy fields and rows and rows of houses. Not forgetting the cute, little Turtle Island in the distant.

I saw this potrait of woman painted on one of the many ornaments that decorated the place, so was wondering if this is the Thai wife. hehe

Bukit Genting Hill. That's what carved on the stones behind.

Spider web alike lightings to welcome visitors. Erm..

<3 <3 <3 Here are just some food pics that will make your stomach rumble. Don't look on if you are already hungry. :p. Overall, i think the food is pretty good especially the green curry chicken and tom yam. DD said at one point, the food actually became quite bad tasting but had since improved again. Kerabu mango

Pucha (stuffed crab shells) - only RM 3.50 one. So cheap. In KT, it's RM 8 one!! But KT one has slightly more crab meats, only slightly. :p

Tom yam seafood

Green curry chicken.. Gosh, drooling at the thought of it now

Two diff type of fish - Keng Som Plak (steam fish with Thai sour chilli sauce) and Pae Sai (steam fish in special Thai sauce)

Otak otak with very big prawns, plenty of onions and wrapped in foil. I might be jakun but i never eaten otak otak like this before.. haha

Stuffed omelette Thai style

Deep fried mix vegetables and also prawns

Kailan in oyster sauce

Tab tim grob (waterchestnut with jackfruit)

And finally, last desert of the day is ice creams with chestnut! Nestle rainbow ice creams.. Donkey years since i last ate Nestle rainbow ice cream :)

The road coming down is pretty dark with only a few lights every now and then, so had to be careful driving down too. Next time must go earlier to catch sunrise or sunset..hehe.. This post is kinda long but hope its informative enough.. :p Hope you guys enjoy the place :)

Bukit Genting Leisure Park & Restaurant
Jalan Teluk Kumbar, Balik Pulau, Penang
Tel:604-827 9805, 019-465 7100

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wah..2 people eat so much?

haha..nah, there's about 8 person.

i'm from balik pulau...but u din call me...=.=''
haha...i din know tht place has changed so much!!
i met tht owner and know the true story, but i wouldn't wan 2 ruin ur beautiful myth..., i din know you have holidays now.. tel me the real story!! i wna noe.. hahaha.. oh oh, i also had ur famous Balik Pulau prawn mee aka u Penang ppl Hokkien mee!! hahaha

gosh... u really make me drool with the sight of all the food. i totally miss the food back home. *sobz*

ya, having super long hols now...haha...almost 10 weeks!!
he has a dream to build a place, and he is super rich, he wanna bring things like chalet that has the shape of boat to the hill..=,='' i sweat when i first heard is only his own dream...but adding a romantic story sure is better...haha...
i actually plan to go there yesterday, but i missed it and passed it!! so i went for seafood instead of thai food...haha...

The hill you went ,issit formally known as 'Bukit Bendera'?

yichuan : 10 weeks? gosh..good for you.. my longest holi this year is only 3 weeks. how unfair! and thanks for your story. ;)

anonymous : nope. Bukit Bendera and Bukit Genting are 2 different places :)

Hmmm.... I been there once before too... the food there is pretty delicious.... but :S

I use to work on GSM Antena stuff during my FYP. There are couple of GSM antena which directly facing towards the Cafe. Usually the antena on top of hills.... are higher in power which intended to cover at least 10KM radius of the hills. This strong antena is going to cause harmful to human health. :S Wasted.....

Hi Allison,thks for the recommendation of Bkt Genting.I was thinking of goin but would like to make reservation 1st because we hv about 10 person.I'm trying to call the no.for few days already but cannot go thru.Is there any other no.??Thks :)

Hi.. im really sorry those are the only numbers i hv of the restaurant. But if you are planning to go not at peak days like ny eve or ny or if u go earlier like about 5-6pm, there shd hv sufficient place. :)

thanks for the info, I was looking for their contact... because plan to visit them at this coming holiday, and wonder does they open or not