Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheap And Superb Prawn Mee

The title says it all..

Cheap and superb prawnie-prawn mee (+ meehoon) for only RM 2.50.

It's been so long since i last tasted prawn noodles this good. Authentic prawn noodles. A sip of the soup and you know it definitely took hours to boil the shells of the prawns. And it's spicy enough. Simply irresistible even if it means we have to go all the way to Balik Pulau and after a very filling lunch.

Yes, the hideout for this superb prawn noodle is in Balik Pulau, Penang. And it's not easily visible by the roadside. Guided by DD's bro, he took us past all those row of shophouses where there's already a lot of stalls selling prawn noodles, char kuey teow and penang laksa. Then we turn a few turns until we sort of reach a fishing village alike and he said if we go further down, we will reach the sea.

But no worries, i saw Rapid Penang buses coming into these area, so it can be accesible by buses too. :)

Away from the busy streets of Penang, this special prawn noodle stall is located along this road

Finally, we found the place. The stall is actually located right in front of a house which i believe is their own house and opposite the house is this river with fishermen boats

It's very kampung style houses around and you have to walk a bit in to reach this stall finally. Before reaching the stall, there is another stall selling fried lo-bak which can be seen more easily from outside

This stall only opens during the weekend, which means only on Sat and Sun and they only sells from 2pm (or sometimes 1pm depending on themselves) onwards. Usually within 1-2 hours, they will have sell off every single bowl. Besides prawn noodles, they also sell penang laksa but trust me, although their prawn noodle is delicious, the same cant be said for their penang laksa. Still, i saw a lot of ppl eating both. The place was packed when we got there and we have to wait almost 20 mins for a table. I think you can ask around the locals and you shd have no prob getting there. ;)

Another discovery on Penang. hehe.. Neway, i will update my Project 365* soon.

Too sleepy now. Toodles :)

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prawn me for rm 2.50....dats super cheap ler...cant find cheap food nowadays...