Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour in KT

At 8.30pm today, did you turn off your lights?

I did. I know some of my friends who did too.

I wasn't in KL to participate the Earth Hour walk at Capsquare nor able to see how KLCC went all dark for an hour. I wonder how was it like in KL. Did the whole city really went dark? Like you know, 8.29pm the whole city are so beautifully lit and the next min, 'boom', total darkness! That would had been such a sight to behold.

Anyway, I am in turtle land aka Kuala Terengganu. Seriously, i doubt Earth Hour manage to raised much awareness among the ppl here. Some ppl said why shd we support Earth Hour? Whats the point we turn off the light for this one hour and then continue wasting energy for the rest of the year? Of course, we don't turn off the lights just for the sake of Earth Hour and then continue wasting electricity and contribute to more global warming. Earth Hour is suppose to raise more awareness among more ppl that a simple act such as switching off your light each time you don't use them can bring huge changes to our Earth. We often forget to turn off our lights or turn off any electrical appliances when not in use. So, let's just make it a habit to remember switching off the next time we don't use our lights or electrical appliances.

Me and a few of me friends initial plan was to buy pizza and go eat by the beach and enjoy our dinner under the stars and just chill and chat and look at how KT respond to Earth Hour. But then, at about 6, it started raining so heavily as tho telling us the beach is a bad idea.

# 17 - KT town from my room 2 hours before Earth Hour

15 min b4 Earth Hour - Honestly i doubt there will be much changes here in KT. Perhaps because Earth Hour is still pretty much a new thing in Malaysia so a lot of Malaysians are not aware or thinks the idea is ridiculous or simply just don't care.

We drove down to KT town and headed straight to Pizza Hut instead. Well, if you think Pizza Hut turned off their lights and let us romantically dine in candlelight, you are so wrong. In fact, Earth Hour or not, the whole KT town was still so brightly lit. All the streetlamps are on, lights on the buildings are on and Pizza Hut, KFC and all the other restaurants and Chinatown did not turn off their lights at all. So disappointing. I knew of a few other premises and church that participated actively to support Earth Hour too, but other than that, even the gov is not showing support by not turning off the lights from the gov administration buildings and street lamps.

So, it seems like Earth Hour had a very tiny impact here in KT. Other than hosp surgical, labor room, emergency department etc and the police station and other emergency department, i really don't see why other outlets can't turn off their lights for even an hour. If they can't do it for just this one hour, i don't quite expect them to be doing it any other time.

Stuff crust Hawaiian chicken

Pepperoni delight

There we go - dinner at Earth Hour at a brightly lit restaurant! haha!

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