Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easter Rally

After weeks of hard work from fellow CG members especially the leaders, today is finally the day of our Easter Rally. We have to bring forward Easter celebration due to certain reasons but i personally think (and everyone else that i had asked) that the whole event was very well-organized and it went smoothly. And from the happy faces of our friends, i do think that they enjoyed themselves. :)

This is the venue for our Easter Rally. The add is also there. Just in case anyone who wants to locate the church :p

As with all other events, we started off with ice breaking so that everyone can warm up to each other and wake up from their sleepiness

So, everyone were given a set of questions and they were supposed to find ppl that can be the answer to those questions. Jo Lyn very happily scribbling down her name for H

There were also performances after the worship. First off was this sign language dance that was beautifully done.

The invited speaker- a cardiologist from Kelantan. You must be wondering why was there a structure of the skin on the slide. Actually, Dr. T was trying to tell the story of Easter based on medical evidence. Interesting to look at it from a diff point of view

Lastly, they ended the event with a song because everyone was hungry!

Usually makan time is also the time for photo taking. Among some of the pics we took : Seniors, juniors and one sesated "girl"

3 dota lovers enjoying their water melons

# 10- And finally, a group pic.. our shirt very nice rite? hehe.. Pink and blue samore.

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