Monday, March 02, 2009

Hi Tea at Primula Hotel

Last Sat, a bunch of us went for hi tea at Rhu-sila Coffee House at Primula Hotel. Primula Hotel is one of the best hotel in Kuala Terengganu as they offer beautiful view of the sea from the rooms. Even from the coffee house from where i sat, i could look down to the pool and the sea beyond.

The very serene and beautiful view from where i sat

The coffee house has a cozy setting and we certainly had a value-for-money (only RM 10++, sure value for money! hehe) hi tea buffet that afternoon. Of course, usually we won't be able to dine there for only RM 10++ but because we are very nice ppl (ahem), the hotel decided to give us this unique price. :p Nah, that's just part of the real reason, ask me and i might disclosed the secret to you. haha :D

So, anyway, most of the food are local (Chinese, Malay and Indian food) and they only have a small corner for Western and Italian food. Most of the deserts offer are kuih-muih and some cakes and jellies. Me and DD shared most of the food we took, so we managed to tried almost every food offered at the buffet.

Among some of the sutff we ate that day were :

Cream of asparagus soup

Carbonara spaghetti (i think DD can cook better carbonara spaghetti :p), egg pie with mushrooms and some potatoes

Chicken and beef satays with nasi beriani and sandwiches

Self-made laksa penang.. actually i just mixed the condiments, noodles and soup together..hehe

Different forms of sandwiches

Roti jala and more satays.. i dno y im suddenly reminded of those days in sch when we used to have food sales by classes and almost every time there will be roti jala..'s so hard to find roti jala here in KT, heck, these days it's so hard to find delicious roti jala.

Fruits rojak

Fish keropok and mini papadam

Chocolate brownie, marble cake, cheese cake and jellies

Cendol pulut

Ice kacang.. they got no chocolate..come JB folks, JB has chocolate ice kacang.. yummylicious


After having a very full meal, we walked around the hotel for a while, then guess what? We went swimming. :D. We totally did not heed the old folks tale that vigorous exercising after a meal can cause appendicitis. :p

Taken by the pool side.. triple date.. hehehe

Overall, i think the food can be rated as 3/5. We had a good afternoon and evening together and after the swim, i got hungry again and even went to had a round of capati. (ahem, i can really eat at times *wink* ).

Ah, Wed is coming. Supposedly a holiday but sadly, i think we even had to replace class on Wed depending on tomoro. None the less, i really enjoyed  Emergency rotation up till now. :)

Primula Beach Resort Kuala Terengganu,
Jalan Persinggahan,
20400, KT,

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Woah, the way you put the foods look like foods in fine dining.

yea...will plan one day go malaysia hunt food too! xD

you really know how to take pictures and make me drooling just by looking at it.

really fully utilized ur weekend ya ~ :P

@HP: Foods in Malaysia much better than in Singapore. Come come go Makan in Malaysia. Hehehe.

haha..if u guys ever drop by KT or JB, let me noe.. we go eat eat..haha

Harroes, why your blog all about FOOD, 90% i can confirmed it. Do you have better suff to share with us?

hello.. thank you for dropping by my blog anyway. I share with everyone anything i feel like sharing, however, if you follow closely my blog, you will noticed that i had mentioned i will share my personal emotions in another blog. If you are really interested in the other blog, you will have to leave me your name and email add 1st. :)

I love to eat korean cuisine, do you have any to recommend?

Any juiciest news about your on call this week?

jz updated :) about korean food, if you are in kl, go to ampang.. opposite amapng mall there's a korean village where you can find lots and lots of korean restaurant, marts, churches etc :)

Oh well, thanks for the infor!