Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm a Musicon Celebrity thanks To Maxis Broadband

Ever wonder of how your life will be if you are a celebrity? For me, being a celebrity is almost like a dream cz it's something quite impossible for me now and i don't exactly like the lifestyle of being constantly scrutinize and judge by the media and public. The loss of privacy and freedom are what i consider the price to pay for all those glamor and wealth. BUT, i won't mind and definitely love to be in the shoes of these glitzy and popular celebs for just one day to live the A-class life of these rich and famous and experience what it feels like to be a star. :p

If i can choose to be just one celebrity for just one day, maybe i want to be in the hot and cold Katy Perry's shoe..

Or maybe this forever sexy R & B/ soul singer Alicia Keys..

Or maybe Princess of Pop Avril...

Or so what, i can even be Pink!..

I will have my own private plane to jet me off from my hill top sea view penthouse to Maldives for a morning jog by the beach as i admire the beautiful sunrise, then jet away to Japan for the freshest sashimi and sushi breakfast, fly off to Paris for a french mani and pedicure, stop by London on the way to get my hair done and meet some of my fans, fly to Lake Michigan for a short nap, then off to New York for a sumptuous lunch in one of those Michelin 3-star restaurant. My pilot will then take me to Milan to shop till dusk and we will have the best xiao long bao in Shanghai for dinner before jetting off to my 30-storey condominium in Dubai.

I will pamper myself silly with all the spas, facials, massages and jacuzzi as i try to find some inspiration to compose my next song. I will have headache in selecting between my fav Ferrari or my beloved Brabus or my priced Lamborghini to drive down to meet my treasured fans at the launch of my xxx album. I will also host private parties and invite all my friends and we will drink by the pool, dance under the moon and ........*smack*

Ok, STOP dreaming. Time to get back to reality. Sob!

But, but, but... there's still hope! Even though i can never live a life like this, there's still a chance i can dress up as my fav musician celebrity and go party with the rest of the cool Nuffnangers and be a celebrity for a night right?

Don't care! Have to say right! Because............

1. I couldn't concentrate on anything else right now except thinking of Nuffnang Music Bash 2009

2. I'm already thinking of who i wna dress up as :p

3. I wna have some exciting fun and i'm sure i will have an awesome lot of fun

4. I wna meet the rest of the Nuffnang bloggers

5. I'm a MAXIS user (plus point plus point!! hahaha :p)

6. Just give me the pair of ticket cz i want to go

7. Or give me more pairs so i can invite more of my friends to go (wishful)

8. No more reason. My heart and soul just say they wants to go too

9. And my hair and hands and legs agree that it's time to rock and roll

10. I'm going to stop being lame. I just WANT to go. Period. :)

Nuffnang Music Bash 2009, here i come!! haha

Thank you, Maxis Broadband :)

PS : If you are not yet a Nuffnanger, register yourself with Nuffnang now, start blogging and you can win yourself invites too! ;)

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9 fondue dips :

i also wan to join..but vry shy eh..

fwah..kereta cantik saja dia mau..kereta wira mau naik? =P

Kuntong :hehe.. come join la join la.. i also 1st time want to join. Don't be shy ;)

Yatz : if become celebrity dy of course need to drive some kereta cantik that normally can't drive. hahaha :)

yalar, like Kuntong, want to join but shy shy leh ~ :P I love these kind of events but ... honestly ... im not keen to join nuffnang ~ :P

hey allison....dropping by here to visit ur blog .... u going to maxis music bash 2009 ... that's nice.

Hi, as a Maxis subscriber, do they have better discount on 3G iphone? Do you know wats the price for 16GB 3G iphone if buy from Maxis acc?

hahahhaha i dont even have a car, guess i cant join the party with you guys >.<

vialentino : i hope that i am able to get the tickets ;)

anonymous : im not sure about that, sorry! you can check out for more details. hope that helps ;)

fufu : i don't have car too! so can still join :)