Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Word

I learnt a new word tonight. When the patient said 'kayak', the first thing that came to my mind was

Yup, this. As in kayakking..

But, i later found out that in the local Terengganu bahasa, 'kayak' (im unsure of the spelling tho, correct me if im wrong, thanks :) ) actually means......

Yes, this - Herpes Zoster or more known as shingles.

Among the adaptations i need to pick up in turtle land includes their local language. It's more or less the same as BM but certain words in BM actually means something else here and it can lead to severe miscommunication or even misdiagnosis if we do not know the local language. :)

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eeewww that is so disgusting.....
i nearly feel like scratching myself after looking at that pix

anonymous : in the local language, yes!

lisa : the bad news is, if you have had a chicken pox b4, u can also develop shingles easily. The good news is, if you never had chicken pox, u r not yet expose to the virus and can get yourself vaccinated. :)

Wow, the last picture is fugly. Ewwww!!! Hahaha

The first picture is lovely;D