Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our New Dean

" Nature has taught us much about stealth, where perfect camouflage can mean the difference between catching lunch or becoming lunch "

Anyway, to all my fellow friends and seniors here in KT, did anyone received any email from anyone from KL informing us on who is the new dean of our Faculty of Medical Sciences? Or had everyone else received the email and im the only one not getting it?

I came across this from one of the pharmacy student blog, Vun informing us on who our new dean is. (i assume since he got the email fr UCSI, it is reliable)

Our new dean is Dr. Jammal Ahmad bin Essa and he will be replacing Dr. Ruslani.

Dr. Jammal was apparently the dean of UPM and another reason why i find his name familiar is because he wrote the foreword for the book, 'Don't Worry Be Happy', a medical student motivational and inspirational guide. I first heard about the book last yr from Eugene when he send me the book to look through b4 going to AMSC Tokyo. (fyi, the book is written by a doctor in the psychiatric department in HUKM).

So yea, he will be assuming office in April. I don't know if (think) we will get to meet him anytime soon here in KT. Just hope he is well, nice. :)

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wetwetwater: all the best to you too and keep updating about uCSI. We wna noe. :)

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Nothing much can be said about UCSI besides the soaring fees and the useless facilities. Triple sigh...

Thank God I'm in my final year now, getting ready to leave this place.

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