Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Over Hor Fun and Dumplings

It's close to a year since i last saw this sweet girl with two cute dimples on the cheek. We did not get to meet when we are back in JB, in fact each time we met was out of JB like in KL or Penang. Why does two JB-rians who think JB is better than Penang (:p) always don't get to meet up back in their beloved hometown? All because of USM and UCSI weird management. Our holidays never get to meet and each time my holi starts, it will be the end of hers or vice versa. --"'

So, it's such a joy that we were able to meet up for a short 2 hours over dinner at one of the coffee shop in Penang that DD claimed has one of the best dried hor fun and dumplings. Over hor fun and dumplings (and mamak later), we laughed, we gossiped (oops i mean update), and we talked silly things.

I can't rmb the name of the coffee shop but despite raining heavily that day, it had very good business. It is located at the turning into Lorong Selamat.

Hor fun with char siew. This is the usual Cantonese style. Actually the dried one is the more popular one but we ordered wrongly! hehe (i also only knew it after dinner!!) Still nice.

Mix pork and prawn dumplings and wan tans. The fillings are so abundant and it's so juicy. Nice also :)

I do realize that my update on Penang is kinda slow. But im really busy these days. If not i be tired and sleeping. So, yea, a few more updates to come; slow and steady :p

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5 fondue dips :

Hey, your picture looks weird abit. You look like an Indonesian. appetide me now.....can u buy fr me one rr?..:)

ya, i was trying so hard to meet frens from there coz of the holiday schedule !!! every time i asked them to come down :P

hor fun with char siew?? i would like to have a bite... can i?? hehehe

keylee : come to penang, i can br u there. or my bf can :)

Kai and Baobei : yea, our holis always crash.. so hard to meet friends fr USM

Fufu : sure sure.. one bite one free souvenir fr ur world travel. lol. kidding.. if u r in penang and wna try it out, jz let me noe. i can tell u where to find it ;)