Thursday, March 12, 2009

Project 365* - #1 : Fried Roti Canai

#1 - Fried roti canai. The 2 yellow arrows are pointing to the fried roti canai which looks like kuey teow from RCS

I figure there is no such time as too late to start or a specific time to start my very own Project 365*. So, why not start today? hehe..

My very first pic for Project 365* is this plate of fried roti canai or more fondly known as roti canai goreng locally that i had for dinner just now. It's not a very uncommon food or anything, it's a very common Indian food in fact and common mamak food but it's my 1st time trying it. (don't really eat a lot of Indian food b4 this..hehe).

When the plate of fried roti canai was placed b4 me, i was kinda surprised cz i had expected it to be some sort of fried conventional roti canai. Not like this. Shredded and almost looking like char kuey teow or mamak style fried kuey teow with slices of chicken and the vegetables. None the less, with the lime squeezed over it, the blend of a tinge of sour with salty sensation goes off pretty well although it's certainly very oily and fattening. LOL.

*Burp* *excuse me*

Still digesting those shredded and fried roti canai from a few hours back.

Gna catch a movie meantime. hehe..

Good night :)

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