Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Project 365* - #11- #14

It's been so many days. Last few days had kinda been hectic for me, presentations and uni 'tuff. Everything was kinda routine - morning clinic/ward, bst, noon class, nite on call and the cycle repeats (except nite on call). Here's to recap what i did in the past few days so that my Project 365 is not abandon (determination!!haha)..

#11 (22/3) - My super old model Samsung. Maybe not super old but kinda like many many years back. I think the model is x160. Should be. Hmm, im 99% sure. I bought this like when my Nokia 3310 died and i just needed anode phone that can call and sms. But, this fon even comes with mms. And it's smaller than the size of my palm, sleek and small. Very convenient to bring around especially when you don't plan to carry a bag out compare to those high tech and canggih smartphones and PDAs that are big and bulky. Sounds like im trying to promote my fon for sale. Anyone want? Only selling for RM 300. Price negotiable. hahaha. Kidding!

Actually, the purpose i put up this fon pic is because well, im hoping to receive a sms from a very important person. So, this VIP, msg me back soon, ok? (i noe some of you sure think this VIP is DD but nope, answer is not him, anode VIP, guess yourself :p). I'm sure many of you had experience awating msges from some VIP in your life at some point of time and sure can understand that it is not fun nor cool waiting.

#12- Rushing presentation.

#13- My backpack finally came :). Firery red! Nice color i think. At least if i get stranded, hopefully you guys can spot my striking backpack from afar. (if got yellow more striking). haha.I bought this online. Cheaper than retail price. 6 years back, i was still doubtful of online shopping and i always fear of scam blogshops and ppl cheating your money and after you bank in the money and your stuff will never arrive. But now, i learn that online shopping is about trust too and blogshop owners should never breach the trust of their customers. Personally, i like real shopping than shopping thru the cyberworld, but if i can get the stuff at a cheaper price online, why not? Besides, it is convenient and certain stuffs you can find online, you can't find it outside (as in within M'sia).

#14 - As you all can see, im finally able to update my blog tonight which means to say, im kinda not so busy anymore. haha! Nah, actually, i just felt kinda of a momentary relieved (till the next cycle comes that is like next week) from the tension buiding up around me these few days now that presentation is over, my bst presentation is over, case summary also fin anode one.. hehe (what-la, like this oso can tension? not the tension tension but it's those naggy feelings of things undone and it seems like never ending work, if you know what i mean). So, a very happy me had A & W by the beach today. (whatever calories i had burn from swimming was just gained by this one meal :p ) I heart curly fries. Compare to normal fries. I also heart criss-cut fries like those from Carl's Junior. :)

This pic taken only with my camera fon, so the colours are not so nice. Saw the halo on my head? It's an angel in disguise enjoying curly fries. hahaha. kidding! :p

Thats all for now. Updating soon :)

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So Torsion of a testis was your assignment? LOL

haha.. i was actually referring to the previous page.. about incompletely descended testis :)

Hi, little angel music~~.........><

Nice color,the backpack =) With this, do you mean that you can proceed your trip to Lao, Camodia and Vietnam ? BTW, how much does it costs?(the bag)

I guess that the VIP person if he is not a guy, then he must be a lady...alamak! me talking crap here,hahaha.I guess its a female lor.