Monday, March 16, 2009

Project 365* - Getting to Know It

Time never seem to be enough these days. I felt myself occupied each day after i came back from class that i had no time to update my blog.

This is just a short post on my Project 365*. Well, Project 365* is a project in which any individual can start. You start by taking a photo everyday, and it don't even have to be your photo at all. It can be any pic of anything interesting that happen to you on that day, or any pic that can tell a story of your life on that day. To further understand what this project is all about, read here. I find this idea pretty intriguing and i love to read back on things that i had done or happen to myself after a while, so i will try to keep up to this project for the next 365 (minus 3 cz i started on Thurs.haha) days. :p

So now that you guys are clear of what im talking about the next time i mention Project 365*, i like to add that this # (hash) sign indicates the day of the pic. Sometimes i wont even have time at all to update my blog daily, so i will just update one shot and i will caption the pic according to the day they are taken. Eg #2 means day 2. And the days are counted from the day i start my project which is last Thursday. Ah, now i feel like im giving a lecture, but im hope you guys won't be confuse reading my blog :). So, b4 you all starts to get bored, im just gna post a short recap on what i had been doing for today and the last 2 days :)

#2 - Playing dress up with the housies because we were too bored.

#2.2 -  This is actually a dress. Versatile dresses these days. hehe

#2.3 -Big head pics!

It's been raining like crazy these few days. But despite the heavy rain on Sat, we still went swimming. Trust me, the water wasn't as cold as i thought it would be and staying in the water was actually warmer than staying outside of the water with the wind blowing.

# 3 - This is the female pool. This pool for Sukma last year has finally open to the public after being closed for so long and it's one of the cleanest pool i swam in so far. It is divided into a male and female pool so guys and girls won't mix. Good in a sense because it's safer for the girls especially girls that go swimming alone. Don't have to be scare of being disturb or molested or anything.

Till my next update, take care everyone. :)

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