Friday, April 10, 2009

Chili's Mid Val

Chili's Grill & Bar. My, how much i miss that place.

So, when we were in KL last weekend, me and DD went to Chili's for lunch. It was so much better going to Chili's for lunch than dinner because the place will usually be packed with ppl during dinner time (especially during the weekends) and i used to wait like 30-45 minutes for a place.

#23 (3/4/09) - After placing orders for our food, we used the waiting time to take pictures. Yeala i posted #24 b4 #23. Now only wna update #23 and still got a few more overdue post to come. :p

For starters, we decided to go for these buffalo wings served with cool bleu cheese dressing. You just can't resist putting down those drummets once you start picking them up. So juicy and tossed to perfection.

Played around with the drummets and celery to give u a SMILE =)

My pick of the day - Grilled fish with tequila served with vegetables and rice. Not like there's alot of tequila taste in the fish but the fish is very succulent and i wish there is something like this here in KT.

DD's Mushroom Swiss Big Mouth Burger.

Three words to sum up our lunch at Chili's : Simply satisfying & filling. :)

PS : Whenever i look at these pictures, i fl so emo cz i will tink of my camera. It takes time to get over grief right? :p. The good news is, my camera can actually still take pic and it will turn out just as fine on the laptop. It's just the screen that is spoilt. The bad news is even though it is just the screen problem, i was told maybe also need about RM 500 and above to repair. Sweat!

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