Monday, April 20, 2009

In Memory Forever

Ppl who say that it's absurd to be sad or grief over the death of a pet probably never had any pets in their life before.

A pet is like a family too. They become part of the family. I know my dog is part of my family, which i love just as much.

I still remembered vividly how we found her some 10 years ago on the street and how she stared at us with those adorable eyes and we instantly knew she belong to us.

I thought i will still be able to see her in 2 weeks time when i go back. Alas, life is just so vulnerable and unpredictable. It is just 2 more weeks. :(

I just kinda created the poem below specially dedicated to my beloved doggie.

Silently you went away,
Leaving me in much dismay,
But my heart felt a little gay,
Knowing you are peacefully at lay.

You brighten up my gloomy day,
And turn my frown into aye,
Always by my side to stay,
Listening to my grouses and nay.

Faithfully keeping thieves at bay,
You'll be watching rain or ray,
Still remembered how you used to obey,
No one else but daddy.

You'll always be my Underdog,
Brave, playful and funny,
You don't fly but all the same cuddly,
Forever in my memory you remain fondly.


This pic was taken many many yrs ago but it is the only pic i have of her with me now.

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I think you love dog a lot, don't you? By judging the doggie at the background of your blog, i think so. ;p

Anyway, sad to hear that.. Urm.

Cheers =)

being a dog lover i know how it feels.
you move on but you nvr really do.

Dont feel so sad girl, be strongg! Your doggie will be deeply missed by you forever.

Dont feel so sad girl, be strongg! Your doggie will be deeply missed by you forever.

Hey, people who said that (ref to you 1st sentence) is not a human being. Your dog was 10 years with you, of course love is build up there between you and your pet, definitely you will be feeling down over its death.
Sorry to hear that:(

who is that skunk to say that can't grey or sad of death pet.Kick her/him to the hell....... I am a dog lover her :)

Sorry for your doggie's missed.

Leaving a poem to your doggie shows that your doggie is very 辛福 to have you as her master all these years.Cheers up allison.

your dog looks playful and cute~..

Sad case=(

By now you can see how many loyal readers you have to see about your angel!

i'm sorry to hear that. anyway as long the memories stay with u will be enough. =)

Yeah,life still has to move on, cheers up allison~~:)