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My Take on Nuffnang Music Bash

As i sit here in my room typing this, my feet, my left feet to be specific is still hurting.

I just read Cleo's April issue in the car this evening and there was this one question they asked the bachelors that went something like this, 'If there is one thing you can invent for a woman, what will it be?'

Ah, why din anyone ans that they will invent killer hills that won't hurt a women feet no matter how long they put them on and walk 1000 miles in it? ;p

I attended Nuffnang Music Bash party Saturday night at Maison, KL. To put it the Rebecca Bloomwood way (Confessions of A Shopaholic, omg, if you girls had not watch this movie, GO watch!! I totally love the movie. It's so funny, humorous and i can totally relate to the movie even though she's definitely a bigger shopaholic than me :p. And to guys, you all will enjoy the movie too cz the 2 guys who went with me def did!), going all the way down from KT to KL to attend the party is like anticipating a LV or Gucci or Prada sales with 70% discount storewide only to arrive at the party and realized that there's only 30% discount.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that the party was not well organized bla bla bla. The party was pretty much well organized by both Nuffnang and Maxis Broadband and the sponsor was generous enough to gave out some fantastic prizes during the party. But, the fun part of it? I thought that can be improved even much further. Like have more interactive activities that everyone can get involve in besides the ice breaking session.Cz this is Malaysia. And Malaysians are never known for punctuality. So, for ppl that missed the ice breaking session, they can still take the opportunity to ice break a second time later. Like after meal, they can get everyone to do line dancing (or any other dance possible in a big group) where a song is being play and after each short verse, everyone exchanges partner and goes on. Perhaps this will be more time consuming but certainly, more interaction. I'm thinking of my IU day aeons ago. haha. Anyway, this is just my two cents worth of opinion-la.

I'm still glad that i had attended the party and experienced my first ever Nuffnang party and met some bloggers in real. :).

Actually, i think one of the part i enjoyed the most about attending this party was the preparation part. Because the theme this time was to impersonate a music celebrity, so we tried impersonating Avril and Lily Allen respectively. As for DD, you judge yourself who he impersonates. Nothing beats getting dressed up and dolled up with your bestie. Girls understand girls best when it comes to dressing up and dolling up. Guys point of view and girls point of view are somewhat different, so i had both point of views this time. hehe..

#24 - The preparation to transformed ourselves into 'celebrities'. This is the only large mirror available in the house

After some time transforming, we finally grace the red carpet. :D. This pic is not the clearest, but i like.

Me and Siew. So many other bloggers around

Avril Lavigne, Lily Allen, Posh Spice and Sharine just being herself (or maybe Boa wannabe?) hehehe

I'm not sure if they are impersonating Guns and Roses or X Japan but well, certainly a lot of effort being put into dressing up too

During eating time, some bloggers take the opportunity to mingle around

I love my pink hair! ooo.. too bad can't have pink hair to hospital. But, if can very chio le.

After dinner, was some games. This was the first game. All you have to do is sing a song, then at the end of the song, hold it for as long as you can aka the sing-a-song-then-hold-your-last-word-of-the-lyrics-as-long-as-you-can game. (as called by the winner of this game, bryanlyt). This girl is call Natalie and she can sing very well also. She and Bryan won this game for their category respectively. Now we know who has large lung capacity. :p

For this game, they are supposed to mimic the first 1 minute of Beyonce's Single Ladies music video dance moves (like in the mv above) and the guy and girl that mimics best walks home with an Armani belt each. So song. (hokkien for good, shuang, bagus)

Staff of Nuffnang also performs

The Nuffnang jai hos -doing the jai hos of the end sequence of the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Nominees for best male celebrity impersonator. From left : John Lennon (Yatz), the host (he damn funny and cute), Eminem (Huai Bin) and Bob Marley (Julian)

Nominees for best female celebrity impersonator. From left : Pink (Jolyn), Lady Ga-ga (also Jolyn) and Britney Spears (Cindy)

They gave out drumsticks and gold class movie tickets for the most uninspiring blogger award. Shd had work harder to try to win that. lol

And then to the worst impersonator, there's a broomstick and kononnya it's a Malaysia version Harry Potter's broomstick and also gold class tickets.

To wrap up the night, the final awards go to Bob Marley - best celebrity impersonator overall. Really look like. haha

Lady Ga-ga - best dressed female. I wanted to go as Lady Ga-ga initially so it excites me to see her able to get the long silver hair :p

Best dressed male - Mr. John Lennon

To sum it up, i had definitely anticipated something bigger, something more (because i came all the way, 6 hours of ride and the risks involved). Even though it had not turned out to be what i had 100% anticipated, but i thank Nuffnang for the opportunity and experience. I did had my bouts of fun too. :)

PS : Anyone knows any way we can get the photos from the photographer that took photos that night? Tell me k. Thanks loads :)

PSS : Sorry if i spelt/got your names wrong. Wasn't too sure bout some of them. :)

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I was there :( didn't see you :( Sorry hear that it was abit disappointing for you. It was good for me :) But yeah, not much of encouragement for interaction amongst bloggers. Mostly hang out in groups.

Hope to see you again someday!

No.7 picture with your friend is superb nice and last pic too:)

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