Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project 365* Updates

7 weeks had gone so fast and i am done with my surgery posting for the time being. It had sure been one hectic posting and the last one week had been kinda even more hectic for me. Busy with presentations and case write ups as usual. So here's a quick update on Project 365*. :)

# 38 - In my opinion, this shop served the best fried rice in Kuala Terengganu. It's just normal, chinese style fried rice, but it's cheap and the best. Not many ppl served fried rice with Chinese sausage but this shop does. Besides, ask the uncle for extra spicy if you are a fan of spicy and feels the omph with every mouth.

Also from the same shop, i love their char kuey teow as well. Personally, i think it's the best char kuey teow in KT too :D. When you are far from Penang, this compensates just as good.

The shop that sells both these best fried rice and char kuey teow is the one with the red arrow pointing. It is located in Chinatown and it's not hard to find at all. :)

# 39- We had our 1st ever night class with super busy Dato J in the hosp. Was so craving for ahem but in the end went to RCS for roti tampal. haha

# 40-  Took this group pic after our last OT session for surgery posting. With the shower cap, face mask and oversize top and pant, it always reminds me of all those surgery scenes in dramas.

I ps-ed the background so it gives off this lost-in-transition kinda aura.. haha

After we removed the shower cap, our hairs always look extremely flat, out of place and ugly.

# 41 - End-of-each-posting group pic with our lecturers. Surgeons from Myammar, Iraq and India each teaching us in their own style. Surgery is a very tiring job that take's up a lot of time, that's why very few ladies surgeon compared to men surgeon.

# 42 - Before i type on, just wna say a short 'Happy Birthday' to darling MV. Spent the whole day watching ANTM cycle 9. I know cycle 9 was like so 2007 but i had not been following ANTM on tv, so i do not know what is the current/last cycle on aired, whether im ahead or lacking behind other viewers here in Msia. haha. Anyway, once i started watching, i couldn't stopped. It was so addictive. That was my lunch of carbonara spaghetti by the way. Whether you all already knew it or don't, cycle 9 winner was Saleisha Cooper, the mushroom-helmet head girl that i really don't like. I mean she's very pretty, in fact all the girls in the final 13 were very pretty and they have body i'm envious of, and faces that cameras love so much. Aside from that, some of them had some sort of charm, some are just nice, some are bitchy while some are arrogant.  Is it necessary for you to be fake because you are in a competition, or you have to be fake because u can't stand a fair competition. Saleisha so happens to fall into the fakers category. She's like a two face girl, a teacher's pet who is nice and friendly in front of the panel but a real snot when they are not looking. I mean she is energetic and lively but i can't stand the way she's a total snot behind the panel.

I was really rooting for Heather, she is soooooooooooo pretty and she takes soooooooooooooooo strong shots. Her only problem was that she can't socialize that well and she has problems with her catwalks but you can't blame her right? She had Asberger's when she was young. I like Lisa and Janet too but they both got booted out as well. When it went down to the final 3, i was hoping Chantal could win instead but her catwalk was so stiff that i had to agreed mushroom-helmet head did a better job. And luckily Bianca did not win either. She's nasty and bitchy and i just don't like her as well.

I'll be downloading cycle 10 but i don't think i have time to watch till my holidays in July. :)

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im actually an undergraduate medical student. :)

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Haha...shaowei is funny after all.

Your boy friend is a caring guy:)

Any blog?

Hi, glad to see that you have overcome your sadness last week. cheers!

Hiya there, when are you gonna graduate and work where?

How long did you park? Why end up so summonses?

hi... read your blog and love it. will link you too!

yea in volgograd.. why ah? which year r u in? or u r working already?

Is that a surgeon shoes,the green one?

mr.jay : hi there too :)

anonymous 2 : hehe..nope.. my bf don't blog.

anonymous 3 : cheers! :)

miss convient_my :there's bout 2 more yrs to go. As for work where, it's the gov decision ultimately!

howard : it's cumulative from parking outside the place im living now cz not enuf parking space provided. sigh~

peanut : 3rd yr

anonymous 4 : nope..those shoes are not specific for surgeons only.. it's general OT shoes :)

in my final year.. 1 more month to finals.. 2 more months to eat the fried rice and char kuey teow u mentioned here.. my fren getting married in kuala terengganu during july.. maybe u can b our tour guide!

from johor actually.. too bad den.. the wedding is on 21st. nvm, it would be quite adventurous to hunt down the shops u mentioned based on ur descriptions. the peanut butter toast in another post seems to be very inviting. LOL

thanks for the wishes. This is the final of the 1st step onli. a lot more to come in the future. hopefully it would keep on coming :)

oh yea.. dun mind adding ur site to my blogroll huh?