Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rumah Damai Visit

CG organized a visit to Rumah Damai, a home for the elderly located somewhere in KT. (like duh, haha). Truth is, i dno the name of that area but i can bring you there if you are interested. :)

#31- Worshipping in Hokkien dialect. All the residents there are Christians and there's only a total of like 8 residents in the home.

Besides interacting with the uncles and aunties and listening to their wonderful life experience, we also did some general medical examination for all of them. I just helped to auscultate the lungs and heart for the ladies but later on, Dr. SY will check them again to pick up any signs that i might had missed. And it's better to have a doctor to counterchecked.

MV was in charged of checking their blood pressure. After i auscultated all of them, very happy to say all the uncles and aunties lung and heart is clear of any abnormal or additional sounds. Yay! their main medical problem is basically hypertension or diabetes.

This is one of the room in the house. Very big and spacious room. Can easily accomodate 4 beds and the room is so neat and tidy.

Final group pic b4 saying goodbye. :)

Sometimes i cant help thinking way way ahead of what my life will be when im 60. I know that's kinda like worrying/thinking too much into the future, but sometimes when im lying there in the middle of my bed, counting sheep and toss and turn because i just can't seem to fall asleep (maybe because the weather is too hot..haha.. or due to some undue worries), i will tink of myself 40 years down the road and then i will start thinking of will i even be married anot at that time (what turf but hey, life is full of uncertainties ok).

And then there was once i think think think and it must had got into my subconscious or what and i dreamt that i was in an old folk's home surrounded by a lot of greenery and even a swimming pool. And the nurse taking care of us all is super duper fierce. More fierce than any of my fiercest teachers i ever came across with. She got this short, bob thick black hair, with big, round glasses, and a cane on her hand wherever she goes. (picture her and c, scary le)

And then when i try to watch tv, she will come turn off my tv cz she says it has past 9pm and it is suppose to be my bed time. And when i refused, she started threatening me with her cane and say she wont serve me cheese for the rest of the month. Weird dream. At 60 i wonder if i will still be eating so much cheese. haha.. But luckily only dream once. Maybe cz i had not been tinking for quite a while also. These days i fall easily into sleep once i plopped down in bed.

So, it was very nice to see that all the uncles and aunties are being well taken care of here and they each contribute to the hse by doing some chores. Of course, i think they will definitely miss their families and i don't understand why kids will ever wna put their parents into an old folk's home. I mean if you leave the old folks there like a day care centre, still understandable cz maybe u nd to work and u worry for their safety and it's gd also to have ppl looking after them like a babysitter. But to abandon ur parents there for good, why? Maybe the children shd tink of how they will feel 1st if next time their kids are the one who put them into an old folk's home. I can tink of some pros and cons but still, i definitely think that just as our parents had sacrificed so much to raise us up, we should also take care of them in their golden age for no matter how much we tink we sacrifice for them, it can never measure up to how much they have sacrifice for us.

By the way, Blessed Easter. :)

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erm..where is ur purple hair??
give the aunties and uncles a 'wow' shock

hey, thx for dropping by.
It's nice to know someone who's into charitable work especially for old folks. =)

We'll all reach there one day. XD


one day i must do some good stuff too! hahaha

Happy belated easter! Do you speak fokkien dialect? What's your own?

kwong fei : hosp cannot have funky color hair so wash off the dye dy. :p

鸿鹏: Thanks for dropping by.

Chris : Drop by more often :)

Yew Jin : Yea.. u shd.. haha

Anonymous : Same to you. I can speak very little and understand some. Im both Hokkien and Teochew btw ;)

Hi Allison,
I am making a trip to Rumah Damai with church members this weekend too. Stumbled upon your blog post from google. Hope I can easily find it :) You had difficulty finding your way?

Dr. Chew

PS: I see that my blog is listed in your blog list, thanks :)

Dr. Chew : Hi, I hope it's not too late for my reply yet. Been so busy with work didnt have time to check my comment. We didn't have any difficulty finding our way then because we have a local to bring us. I hope you'll be able to find the way. If you need any help on that let me know. :)