Tuesday, April 07, 2009

To Anonymous (s)

Yes. You. The anonymous (s) who loves to remain anonymous.

I have decided...

that i shall still allow you to post comment under anonymity as you might be too shy to leave a name or maybe you are stalking me and do not want me to know who you are or you might be my secret admirer(s) (hahaha ;p) ...

BUT keep in mind that any negative comments that you leave on my blog or any action of yours that you think will hurt my feelings by throwing hurtful or discourage words at me is not working.

Why shd i be hurt by someone who don't even dare to have the guts to admit his/her identity? So, for those who are concern, worry not. Seriosuly, i couldn't care less of what ppl who don't have guts (balls) said.

I find it pretty amusing instead reading these negative 'feedbacks' sometimes. Feedbacks help me to improve myself and my attitude. And yes, i have a right to moderate the comments you leave on my blog because this is my blog and i can also choose not to reply to your accusations if you don't start to leave an identity so at least we can maybe have an opportunity to debate about your accusations knowing who each other are.

And lastly, i have my right for not replying your accusations/ comments i don't like in future.

So come out of your anonymous shell and start putting a name to your back. :)

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hahaa..totally agreed wit u...their negative comments won be affect our life either...

thumbs up, Doctor to be:) Kambateh!

anonymous sumtimes are very annoying!