Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ziq Delicafe, Kuala Terengganu

A few days earlier, we saw the opening of this new delicafe near the bus station. And Siew said got cheese tarts there. How exciting. I never ate any cheese tarts here in KT cz i don't really see any bakery selling. So, me and DD decided to drop by and try out the place.

The inside of the cafe was quite cosy and besides cakes and cheese tarts, they also have ala-cartes. Price-wise, it is slightly cheaper than Secret Recipe.

# 37, 17.4.09 - Strawberry cheesecake. It has 4 layers : a jelly top with slices of strawberries, the cheese, the chocolate sponge and the biscuit crusts below. Hmm, it is rather big piece but i think the cheese taste shd be stronger and the the crusts don't taste so crunchy if you noe what i mean..haha.. overall still ok..

Peanut butter and milk toast - oolalala... the toast is good.. the peanut butter and milk melting over the entire bread gives peanut butter lover like me full satisfaction

Half boil egg toast - I like this very very much also partly, nope, mainly because the egg is done to the level i love it to be. The pouch with toast is a perfect start for the day :)

When you decides to eat Chinese food cooked by the non- Chinese, obviously it will never taste as good and it shd be consider good if it does not taste bad or unedible.. hehe

That day i felt like eating wa tan hor (Cantonese style Kuey Teow), so....

Wa Tan Hor - I thought it looked more like cantonese porridge instead.. hehe.. but still ok the taste..

Which reminds me of this irritating fly while we were eating..

Seriously, i think all food premises shd make an effort to make sure their food premise is free of flies. After all, it is for the hygiene of the food and customers can eat in peace. I mean, every food premise wants to get an A from the local municipal council but if there are flies around irritating customers and polluting the food, and possibly transmitting all those vector-borne diseases, then it is not fair to see them sticking an A, and they charge us prices way higher than hawker right?

So, this fly just flew around us, on our plates and we tried to shoo it away with our hands, but it just wont bug, and finally it even flew into my wa tan hor! My wa tan hor that i had only started eating a few mouthful. It landed itself nicely on my wa tan hor and then it did not want to go. DD had to use his hand to come pick the fly up and put him on another table then only it flew to dno where.

Usually i wont wna touch my food anymore if a fly land on it but then this fly landed itself on the entire wa tan hor and it is so wasteful if i just throw the whole bowl away aint? So, that day i pretended i never saw the fly and continue eating. ^^ Luckily, no diarrhea or anything.

Traditional hainan fried rice.. looks more like fried chicken rice.. the taste was kinda bland..

Overall, i think the food is ok, have yet to try their Western and Italian food and more cakes. And even though i was excited for their cheese tarts, i din had any cuz i was too full then. Next time perhaps. haha.. Oh yes, the staff there was rather honest in the sense they let their customers know of whats fresh and whats not. I mean most business ppl will not tell you that their sandwiches are kept overnite and it is not fresh right?

After talking so much, where is this place?

It is call Ziq Deli Cafe and is located a few shops away from the KFC near the bus station. :)

Ziq Deli Cafe,
Lot PT 3498, Jln Paya Keladi,
20100 Kuala Terengganu

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Wow! The half boil egg toast ooks good!

Wow! The half boil egg toast ooks good!

Wow! The half boil egg toast ooks good!

u make me hungry ...need to eat supper liao..

Nice!!! finally somewhere in KT that serves gud food other than secret recipe... thnks for da info

awwwwwwwwwww...all the fattening food,yuks~

alamak! u ate fly eaten food, so unhygiene?

Lucky they didn't charge you extra for the fly! :-P

never know KT had this type of cafe :p

OMG!! The Strawberry Cheesecake looks pretty & delicious! Very mouth watering.....

wish i could have 1 with me now.....