Sunday, May 24, 2009

Milo Dinosaur

#72 (22.5.09) - Went to the recently open Uncle Chua noodle house for lunch and this caught my attention - Milo Dinosaur. Price at RM 4.50 i thought that i can easily come up with a more concentrated and better version myself. hehe.. cause it's just Milo, condense milk, ice and more milo. How hard can that be? And with the one i do myself, i can reduce the sweetness to reduce my risk of diabetes. hehe.. Drink this everyday and i'm sure in half a year, you'll be a diabetic candidate.

#73 - Dissatisfied with yesterday Milo Dinosaur, i decided to create my very own Milo Dino-dino, which is actually a glass of concentrated Milo with no condense milk or sugar added cz Milo in itself is already sweet. Don't believe me? Try eating Milo on it's own and you'll know. :p

Ta-da! Milo Dino-dino!! 8 scoops of Milo and no ice added, just chilled in the refrigerator. :). Yum! And i charge you all FOC!! hahaha...

That's all for now. Till my next update. Hopefully after exam! :p

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17 fondue dips :

Since its FOC...

Milo dino SATU!!

Ermm.. Make the milo drink first before adding the extra 8 scoops of Milo powder on top of it?

i actually had Milo Dinosaur 4 years ago that i made myself when i was morning some more :P

wahliow! wicked wei! last time small i always make 1 oso.hahaha. ip ut milo in ice cubes instead of plain water...

kellaw : if u drop by kt, i'll definitely treat u to one! haha

baby : inoe..yummy :)

vincent : it's 3 scoops b4 adding water and 5 scoops after adding water. Saturated with Milo i tell you. hehe

yatz : so yum rite to drink it early morning?

sean : me too! childhood memories. haha

kuntong : ya ya foc! haha :p

lol kt. wait la when i go visit the monk there i go find you

go visit monk be monk also kenot ah?

I saw your name appeared at missmalaysiauniverse ,no.17 contestant. Is that you?

Just add milo powder will do, no need water?

anonymous 1 : haha..i think that's just a coincidence but nope, i did not participate in Ms. Malaysia Universe :)

anonymous 2 : oh, need need..just more milo than water :p

Its becoz same age same name and resemble certain angles so i thought she is you:)

If you join, i will vote you..haha.

haha..her surname is yeo and i'm yeoh :) you will get your chance to vote for me soon! Thank you so much! :) this a new drink or??? BTW, TQ for coming by my blog.

hehe.. it's a drink i created myself.. super simple recipe :)