Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day at TGIF

I'm once more at Starbucks waiting for my next flight. I saw J just now at Starbucks too but don't think she recognized me. Well, wanted to go up to her and say hi but she was so engrossed chatting to someone's parent so i thought maybe later but the next time i looked up, she was already gone. Lolz.

The sweet aroma of pies and croissants making me hungry. After all dinner time is near. Shd i grab a bite? Or shd i wait a while more since we were going for supper anyway later? Temptation.

I missed time back home so much. So comfortable to be home. The first day i got home, mum brought me to do facial. I felt so thrilled immediately cz i longed for some pampering. My face also quite teruk dy nowadays. Pimples, blackheads, oil seeds. And dark eye circles. Crap. I thought you only get those during puberty. Surprisingly during puberty my face was smooth as whipped cream. Crap crap. And dark eye circles. Oh no. I don't deny that im vain. After all i don't think got girls that are not vain. Now im stress cz of the keterukan (terribleness) of my face condition. It's not that i wna be flawless. I just don't want ppl to come up to me and ask me if im 25 when im only 22. O_o

Anyway, we had our Mother's Day dinner last night at TGIF. Yeah :).

# 59  I want more Fridays too. Heart Fridays over Chili's. hehe

Currently, TGIF is having this 2 course meal promo where you can combine one appetizer and 1 main entree for only RM 29.90.

First appetizer - Boneless wing ; crispy pieces of chicken breast basted with the Buffalo sauce. Boneless version of Buffalo wings.

Appetizer no.2 - Fried Mac & Cheese - I love this one. Irresistible creamy cheese and elbow noodles (macaroni) fried to golden brown

Fish and Chips - fish fillets fried perfectly golden brown served with fries and tartar sauce

Jack Daniel's chicken - i love this the most cz i love the Jack Daniel sauce. Simply tantalizing. Served with mash potatoes and blend of vegetables (green beans and tomatoes).

Sizzling chicken and cheese - sizzling onions and peppers with chicken breast over melted cheese and served with Cheddar cheese mash potatoes

This is another new item on their menu - chop house chicken. These tender chicken topped with balsamic caramelized onion served with mash potatoes and roasted blend of vegetables in rosemary butter.

Totally enjoy my dinner and secretly wishing Sunday (today) don't come so soon.

Me and mua mummy. The woman i honour and always feel so proud of :)

Full body pic cz i wna have a pic of what i wore last night. hehe. But this pic not very good cz even with flash also kinda dark.

I love you, MUM who never fail to be there for me. *muacks*

Hot mama - Since it's Mother's day, mum will be the star of the day. Ask her to pose for pics and my mum is so spontaneous and sporting and she jz posed. I din even photoshopped one bit the pic above except resizing it. I think her body is still so damn good at her age. Still so slim and curvy. Gosh. I think i'm even fatter than my mum.

I'm not obsessed over weight problems but im jz so envious of how my pretty mum manage to stay so slim all these years. If it's in the genes, then i think i failed to inherit this set of good genes. Jeez.

Lastly, wna wish all the great and pretty moms out there a fabulous Mother's Day :)

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you and your mum looks beautiful, seems you have inherited her attribute...

so cool that u can go home.. i think i'll wait for another year to pamper my mum like this.. haha

Your mum's posing like a model.Thumbs up.

ffire, peanut, anonymous & Howard : Thank you. Hope all your mums had a wonderful day too :)

Can advise your mummy go for mummy contest~~

anonymous 2 : haha.. maybe next time when she got time.. haha