Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy One Years Old

The lift of WT is not functioning today!! Gotta climb practically nine flight of stairs. Had to chunked on my bar of chocolate when i reached home. Needed power booster. Maybe it's really a sign that i shd start putting my thoughts into action. Cz i been thinking of climbing the stairs everyday as preparation to climb Mt.KK, to build up stamina but everyday when i had to choose between the lift and stairs, excuses will be form to skip the stairs.

Anyway, me and DD celebrated our 1st anniversary last Wed. :)

We had class and all the usual routine in the morning and noon, so we could only went out for a nice dinner. Quite a headache deciding where to go also because i wanted somewhere memorable to celebrate this memorable day so everything should be especially memorable that night cz it's the night, not just any normal dinner. Cheesez, you get what i mean right. In the end, we decided on Verandah Restaurant, Ri-Yatz Heritage. It is my 2nd visit. (try not to come here so often on normal days) This restaurant is like one of the most high end and nicest restaurant in KT. I think for the next 2 years +, everytime we wna go somewhere nicer for celebration or dinner, this is sure the place to be. (see why try not to come here just on normal days?) For a nice ambiance and fairly good food with reasonable price, where else to find? Although Ri-Yaz real location is in Pulau Duyong but really, it is just 15 minutes drive from KT town.

And usually on weeknights like this, we will be the one who book down the whole restaurant. (cz there will be only us and the waiters/waitresses). hehe

Actually, the ambiance is really nice and comforting and spacious. And they have all these huge-boomerang shape like planks decorating the restaurant.

Hot hazelnut chocolate to sip and share

My main course of the day - Peppered Fish Seabass served with fried flour, brocolis, carrots and some leafy vegetables. The seabass is very fresh and i can still feel the tingling pepper sensation at the corner of my mouth

DD's Country Barbeque Chicken also served with brocolis, potatoes and some fried flour. Ho-chak :)

The following pics are mainly camwhored pics which includes the classic-pose-with-food pic and big face pics. :p

Savouring the aroma of my peppered seabass

Greedy piggy wna dig in already

There's this band performing live and specially dedicating to us whatever song we wna hear including Chinese songs.

DD and me at the Verandah

Before we move on to our deserts, DD whipped out his guitar and serenade me with 'I'm Yours'. It's the first time ever that anyone serenade me, so i can't help laughing at 1st but DD told me not to laugh and be serious. Ok, so no laughing but can still smile and secretly savour the moment in my heart.

Looks like a lot for desert! haha

I wish time could stood still that very moment

It's one year for us now :)

Silly faces

It's been a great one year DD. I came to understand not only you more, but also myself more. You had been by my side all this while, even when we are angry at each other and never fail to make me laugh at the end of the day. Sometimes i felt that we are just like the south and north pole of a magnet and i wonder how true is it that opposite attracts. Thank you for everything you had done for me which makes me truly bless, happy and secure to be by your side. Happy Anniversary :)

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Climbing the stairs everyday as preparation to climb Mt.KK is a MUST exercise for you, if not ,it will be a problem by that time...haha;D

Nice , cute picture there. Wishing both of you all the best and everlasting together..smile~~

Woots~! CONGRATS to you both babe!
You both make such a cute couple. Pls help me tell him how lucky he is to have you! And he better cherish you! hahaa... =D

anonymous 1 : haha.. i noe that deep down jz kinda still lazy to take the stairs :)

anonymous 2 :Thank you :)

sleepy : Aww..so sweet. Thanks darling. I will make sure he see this! :)

Hi, your last picture looks like one of the hk film stars. You know suqi? Leon's exgf.

Your watch is classic,where did you buy it?

anonymous 3 : haha.. i noe who is she. Erm, thanks.

anonymous 4 : it's fr my bf! :)