Monday, May 18, 2009

Sekayu Waterfall

Couple caught showing PDA at the waterfall. It's not much of a big deal seriously except that i thought they can be caught under the hu.. actually we were kinda bad disturbing their sweet, private moment and i was contemplating to post or not to post this pic but then i thought since they don't mind showing PDA, it means they don't mind everyone to see it. *so bad*

Ok, so what an intro to my coming post. haha.

I was so dead tired yesterday and was rushing my presentation so could only blogged about this today. There's also a lot of pics in this post so be prepared and a real long story of how i nearly got swept down the waterfall :p.

Last Sat, a whole bunch of us went to Sekayu Waterfall in Kuala Berang, which is about an hour drive from KT. As usual, we could never leave on the planned time so we reached Sekayu at about 10 am. We must had choosed the right day to go for this waterfall outing as the sun was shining superbly duperbly bright that morning. Better sun than rain at the waterfall.

# 66 - It's a good thing we took this pic b4 going up the waterfall because it rained later on when we were going back. I know, it was so hot all the time and it suddenly rained. But just as we were about to leave. Good timing. Would had been even better if the rain had waited for us to get into our car before pouring.

Sun block applying session before proceeding to prevent ourselves from getting burn

It is a fact that drowning cases had happened at this waterfall. But then again, drowning cases happened at all waterfalls so.... A warning sign to warn us about the danger of the sudden increase in water current. Good job

There are seven cascade altogether and we definitely do not want to settle at the lowermost part of the waterfall so we hike a little until we reach this part that is more for jungle trekkers

Finally, we decided to settled here at the fifth cascade of the waterfall. We were practically the only ones here except for another group of Malay boys who daringly dived into the water repeatedly (like in Jason Mraz I'm Yours music video!haha)

With all the girls before i went into the water

Unleashing his other potential in water.. they really let their hair down

Despite the hot sun, the water is very cold here but it was at the same time comfortable just soaking the lower half of our body in the water enjoying the coolness and fast flow

After swimming around, the guys can't resist the temptation of diving into the water as well. Dd doing the jump

This is CW. I almost can't resist trying too but i was too scared of the cold water..-.-

One of the Malay boys having his bouts of fun at the waterfall.. holding on to one of those long, strong branches of a tree and going into the water

We moved around various spots in the waterfall taking pics and enjoying the coldness and refreshing feeling of the water

Some of them didn't want to get wet, so they entertained themselves with other activities like catching tadpoles. Real, big fat tadpoles.

Or just enjoying the serenity and scenery with a good book. Act this is a very nice pic except for that pack of rubbish. arrgghhh.. what a spoiler

These 3 girls try to keep themselves as dry as possible. Sitting at various dry spots to take pic

Come guess.. whose legs does these belong to? haha

DD and me beside the flowing water

Parts of the waterfall

More waterfall pics

At some part, the water is actually pretty stasis, not flowing but it is very clear

This is my fav pic of the whole bunch of 400+ pics.. looks like JW is standing on the rocks right with the gushing water beneath him.. this pic was not taken by me. Lou took this and did not even realized the effect of his phototaking

Finally we were all so hungry and had our lunch of nasi lemak and mee siam and junkies while CW entertained us with the guitar

After lunch, we decided to continued our journey to the highest level of the waterfall - the 7th cascade but we had to go through some steep rocks. Helping each other climbing the rocks

And that's where i spotted these pools of black, stagnant waters. Eeuch.. But this is just a small small part only. Overall, the waterfall is still quite clean and beautiful

The guys at the 7th cascade. (they further climbed up the rocks to explore the very top)

While we girls decided to just sit around and enjoy the nice view. The water up here is very fast flowing and it is very deep too

One sign to know that the water is flowing fast is when you see all these bubbles (the headwater). The more the bubbles, the faster the flow of water.

Saw the orange arrow in the previous pic? Looks just like a short distance right? So, i tried crossing that small area to get to the other side because it is more shady but the water was flowing soooo rapidly and the stones was soooooooo slippery that with the first step i took, the water force pushed me to go along with the flow of water and before i knew it, i slipped and was flowing together with the water going down the waterfall to the next cascade. It just happened in a matter of seconds and seriously, i was only about 50m away from flowing down the next cascade (like in the movies when they fall off a large cascade of waterfall, only that i dno if the bottom is deep enough for me to fall and not hurt myself or if the water flow will actually slow down so that i wont fall cascade by cascade and finally hit my head against some rock at the lowermost part) so in a frantic i tried grabbing any possible stones or thick branches so that i won't be swept along but the stones were way too slippery and there were no branches. What saved me was actually 2 huge rock that blocked my path. Just as i was being swept along with the water, my legs hit the rocks and THAT prevented any ugly outcome. Those rocks enabled my friends to react and come pulled me out of the water. I must say i was really lucky and the fear did not hit me until later when i thought back and thought of all the worst things that might had occured if the rocks had not break my fall. So, it is really true that knowing how to swim is totally useless in this case. The force is too strong for me to swim against it and the whole situation was just unfavourable for swimming. Maybe if the flow of water had been slower, then swimming could definitely save you. Now that i think back, i really felt very thankful and fortunate and thank God for protection.

DD sat on a fallen tree at the top of the waterfall

And then he tried to crawled over it while JW was walking behind him. They certainly love risks

This is actually the same spot where i had slipped and nearly got swept away! He was lying just slightly above the very point that i slipped but funny, he was not swept. Maybe cz he wasn't lying at the very point that the water became very fast flowing

Vic was sooo tired that he crawled right beside DD and slept right there

Told you the fear did not come till later. I could still happily take pics at that time ~

We left right at the moment the thunder started rumbling in the sky and raindrops started falling. This is the pathway that we came down to our spot at the waterfall so we were heading back up. It's not a proper pathway because at some parts, it was pretty steep.

And the moment i got up, the drizzle turned into cats and dogs and we had to ran all the way to our car soaked wet. Luckily, i did not come down with any cold yet but yes, the body aches started aching it's way already and i'm a whole round tanner again. (even with sunblocks)

But despite having nearly got into an unpredictable accident, i still enjoyed the whole outing and was really relieved that NO accident happened. :)

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Hey, sound horror,luckly you come back alive.Next time put on a rubber ring,safer;P

what an adventure day again!
enjoy bt muz be more aware of ur safe next time,k.
take k.