Sunday, May 31, 2009

Team Johor Did It!

Did what you may ask.

Did it to be the overall champion again!!

I'm so frigging happy now cz jz got a sms from P and he said that team JOHOR is the overall champion again! Gold cup!! Woohoo.. It's really an honour each time we can take back that gold cup which is big enough to cook steamboat with it. Besides, we managed to win 10, TEN, TEN challenge trophies this time in the national comp. Record breaking seriously. Congratulations team Johor. :D

In case you are wondering what is all this about, it is the St. John National Comp held at Pulapol last Sat. And although i don't know anyone from the team other than knowing them through my bro (cz he helped P to trained them), but really tumpang gembira for such a proud achievement by team Johor. It's like can really see the improvement of team Johor since we first started winning medals and becoming one of the strongest team around in national competition.

Seriously, i got soooooo much to update but im tired like crazy cz i jz traveled back and forth fr Kl and i still had one last presentation to go, 4 case write ups and tons and tons and tons to study cz my exam is comingggg and i frigging can't really start studying yet. And yes, i wna update about Watsons contest, about my experience in O & G, some thoughts to share (and maybe by the time i really had time 2 update, it is not the same thing as im thinking right now anymore) but but but i really don't have a proper time now.

So, after exam, i will definitely update! It's just a few weeks more. Wish me luck! ;)

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Hi..just drop by to say may god shower all the luck to you in your coming exams,GAMBATEH!

haha..i cant give it away lar...oni can sell to other ppl..but d ticket is not mine..xD

Johor team did a great job.CONGRATULATION!~